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Autism Awareness: Follow Friday Autism Awareness Month supplement slightly revised.

I must say now this following post is a couple of years old and some of it is well out of date. I was looking up some old posts to find links to put in a new post when I came across this. When I actually get around to re-writing this post there is much I will change, above all I will recommend The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism and change some of the links like Lisa Jo Rudy’s to their correct new ones

I don’t know about you (obviously) but I value #FF #FollowFriday as a source of information. When people I am already following because of the information they provide post suggestions I find even more links. To some extent that’s not good as I can be a little obsessive but I love information.

Many of the people I follow are involved with #autism from some point of view. With some I agree and with some I do not but I read them for balance. It occurred to me to mark Autism Awareness month with a huge #FF which includes not just Twitterers I follow but also some of the blogs. I would really love it if you would reply with your favourites so that by next year this supplement will be huge and fairly comprehensive.

There are so many people posting on the subject of autism that time will not allow me to put more than a small selection in this post and there are many I have not yet encountered please add them.

Before I get into the Autism resources I’d like to mention Gary McKinnon an adult with Aspergers about to be extradited to the USA for trial for looking for evidence of UFOs. Unfortunately for Gary because the US Forces and Security agencies didn’t secure their networks he exposed their lack of security and now they want revenge it is clear that he has already been found guilty regardless of the evidence. People opposing the extradition of Gary McKinnon on Twitter include:@harlechnnorfolk @Tweet4Gary @dandelion101 @goldylookfleece @cliffsull @JanisSharp @HeyJude408 @USAgaryFAN

The Howes family were running a legitimate VAT registered business selling chemicals on the internet when their lives were ruined by the same unjust extradition treaty used against Gary @Brian_Howes

People on Twitter I follow as autism resources.Some of these will show up again in the next section which contains my favourite autism blogs. There are some here with whom I often disagree but none I’d exclude.

@talkaboutautism @concert4autism @autismbuttons @TheCoffeeKlatch @JaysChallenge (a hero of mine) @ParentingSPD @AutismNow @gummylump (toys)@donna_williams @AutismTips @DebDockery @KristenMcNally @Trishinspace @PeterBrownPsy (psychology resources) @KidSpecialNeed @Laanetweets @LornadEnt @TannersDad @AutismMomExpert @centerforautism

(home schooling @HSAdvantage @Homeschool_Mom) @Autisable @brightmindLABS @AUTISMDR @NMTAutism @kevleitch @TheCoffeeKlatch @AutismisnotBoss @living_autism @DiamondLanguage @SpiritOfAutism @epilepsymoms @Aspieadvocate @UniteAutism @utalkautism @autismsymptoms @FroggyPrinceMom @FunandFunction (more toys) @TASHTweet @AutismSheri @AutismAtHome @GemmLearning @emotionalgrowth @deenelee @asppymom @AweInAutism @asteens @asdhelp @billgoodyear @LearnBright @cdwatts @PositiveAutism @alisterx @tamanthak @aspergerontario @ttfoundation @EllasGarden @Autism_Today @AZAutismDad @SkillSprout

Blogs from my Google Reader:
One of my favourites because of her level headed non-partisan and informative writing is Lisa Jo Rudy’s Autism Blog at About.com http://autism.about.com

The first of my selections of sites that host a community of autism bloggers is Autisable http://www.autisable.com/ (you’ll even find me here http://springingtiger.autisable.com/ )

Amalia Starr’s Autisable blog http://amaliastarr.autisable.com/ About her son’s quest for independence.

Autism Blogger – The On line Autism Support Group has a variety of people blogging on various aspects of autism helpfully organised by category. http://autism-blog.com

The redoubtable Donna Williams is a prolific blogger who as a person with autism has had to overcome many challenges. She is not constrained by the norms of society and blogs on matters relating to autism and the arts (I always read this) http://blog.donnawilliams.net

Left Brain / Right Brain http://leftbrainrightbrain.co.uk
is an intelligent blog that likes to back up its opinions with references. It does not accept that the only cause of autism or even the primary cause is vaccine damage, it spends a lot of column inches rebutting Age of Autism.

Jeffs Life http://jeffslife.tripod.com is a favourite. Jeff Stimpson is the father of of Alex an autistic boy. His writing is simple and compassionate and addresses the ups and downs of parenting an autistic child. I will never know how it feels to parent a child with autism but thanks to Jeff I realise it’s not easy. (I almost feel sorry for my mother).

A good blog is Special Needs (from the Faster Times) http://thefastertimes.com/specialneeds An infrequent blog which has a good selection of writers.

The Autism News http://www.theautismnews.com does exactly what it says on the tin. Lots of information and archives back to 01/09.

http://www.yaiautismcommunity.org/blog Another good blog from a variety of autism writers.

The Autism Hub http://www.autism-hub.co.uk/ is a huge clearing house for autism blogs. Organised by category: Autistic Blogger, Family Member, Student/Professional and Secondary Blog If you can’t find something of interest here you probably can’t read.

As an NLPer I am disappointed that Autism in Mind http://www.karineharrison.com appears to have stopped posting since last october. I am adding them here in the hope they are reading and get back into action.

Change.org has dropped its Autism blog http://healthcare.change.org/blog in favour of a disability rights blog. Nothing has come in since the 17th April.

Another blog I enjoy is Hartley’s Life With 3 Boys. http://www.hartleysboys.com Hartley describes her blog as, “The emotional journey of raising three boys, dealing with SPD, Autism, Bipolar, Adoption, Marriage and LIFE while trying to keep my sanity and sense of humor.” She also has interviews and some great guests.

Laura Schumaker Author of A Regular Guy has a blog at http://www.laurashumaker.com but her site is also somewhat of a treasure trove of autism resources – lots of links. also City Brights http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs

One of my favourite sources on Twitter is Peter H Brown @PeterBrownPsy whose blog is at http://peterhbrown.wordpress.com he is a clinical psychologist so he writes on various subjects including autism and parenting.

Respect for Infinite Diversity http://respectforinfinitediversity.blogspot.com The name says it all – we all have a right to be respected for who we are and the only one who has the right to say we should b different is ourselves.

The Aspergian http://theaspergian.blogspot.com is a little different. These are transcribed journals going back to the 70s.

I like Laane on the World http://www.laaneworld.com A mother of several Autistic children writing about her life.

The Coffee Klatch http://thecoffeeklatchblog.blogspot.com/ another Twitter favourite. A resource primarily for mothers of autistic children They have a Twitter forum and interviews. You really should check this out.

A couple of websites: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
The National Autistic Society


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I saw your post today mentioning that you thought my blog was “bitterly intolerant”. A characterization that is deeply upsetting to me. If that is your understanding of my position, please give me a chance to defend myself, as I don’t believe I am intolerant of anyone in this debate (except for corrupt public health officials, pharmaceutical companies and do nothing “charities” like Autism Speaks).

I have worked hard to be sure that I don’t offer any criticism of any groups even remotely affected by autism, and respect the points of view of even those in the neurodiversity movement with whom I don’t agree. (And in fact there is much that I do agree with them on).

So if I have written something offensive, or that has in ANY WAY been construed as intolerant, please, please point it out so that I can review myself and either defend myself or make a retraction. The LAST thing in the world that I want to be is someone who is a burden to those with autism.

Honestly, I breaks my heart for anyone with autism to have the impression that I am not pulling for them 100 percent. I even wrote a series called “Autism in God’s Economy” where I make the theological argument that one of the ways God will judge who goes to hell is how they treat people with autism.

I fear that you may have read some of my writing, and assumed that I am a foe in ways that I am not.

So I hope you will take the time to give your opinion of me and my writing a second thought. Please let me know your specific concerns so that I can address them.

Thank you for your time.

Ginger Taylor
Adventures In Autism.

Comment by Ginger Taylor

I am sorry if I caused you upset it was not intended but I realise now that it might. It is true I have not read all of your posts and so may have jumped to conclusions. What I have read has been extremely anti innocculation and dismissive of those who support vaccination, I projected from the posts I have read and so I apologise. As I recently claimed Anne Leslie was accusing Labour of murder on the basis of her saying, “Peter Mandelson knows where the bodies are buried.” I accept that I may have misinterpreted you on occasion.

Comment by springingtiger

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