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Opening the Doors of Autism

It has been very gratifying to receive a number of messages from parents of people with autism telling me that my blog posts have helped them understand aspects of their children’s behaviour. While I am grateful I must sound a precautionary note, there is an oft quoted saying, “If you’ve met one child with autism, you’ve met one child with autism.” the saying is true of adults too. I can only write about my experience and express my opinions, we share a common humanity and many of my experiences may well be similar to your children’s, some won’t.

There seem to be quite a large number of adults on the spectrum who have an internet presence. Obviously we tend to be HFA and Apergers but many of the issues we have are the same or similar as people elsewhere on the spectrum. It occurs to me that Autism Adults on the internet are a resource which may help parents understand and relate to their children, a bridge between the child with – for instance – classic Kanner’s and their neuro-typical parents. As I have said, your child’s experience may not be the same as mine but our experiences may overlap, perhaps another adult on may have experience even closer to your child’s.

A resource is only useful if you can use it. At the moment accessing the experience of adults on the spectrum is a bit hit and miss. I was wondering whether it would be useful to have a central place on the internet where parents could post questions for adults on the spectrum to answer? Perhaps there is such a site and I just don’t know about it. If there were such a site would adults on the spectrum be prepared to check it regularly and respond to queries?

So I’m flying a kite. Would a site that facililtated communication between the parents of children with autism and adults with autism be useful? Would you use it? if you are an adult with autism would you contribute? Please reply either by commenting to this post or by email to doorsofautism@gmail.com.


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I probably would use it – and I wonder if Wrong Planet already has something like that. I get overwhelemed when I go there, but probably should visit more often.

I love being able to “talk” with adults with HFA/Asperger’s because it does give me some insight into my child’s mind. Or at least a clue. I just wish I could hop into his brain for one day because I think it would make me a far better parent…

Comment by asdmommy

The other thing is that there are so many differing opinions about autism in terms of whether it’s a difference or a disorder, should be cured or not, or is a challenge or a blessing – it makes it hard for open dialogue sometimes. I am often worried I will inadvertently offend someone (and have done so before without meaning to).

My point is that because of all the potential “sides” out there, I, for one, am often slow to reach out.

You seem to be a very gentle soul and have been very kind. Thank you for that.

Comment by asdmommy

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