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Mature Autism – An intuitive Autistic

Perhaps the best thing about receiving my Aspergers diagnosis so late in life is that I spent many years going on courses to fix the things in life that were not working. Had I known I had an ASD I probably would not have taken the trouble. As it is, while it can take a lot of persuading to get me to go on a course I know I can handle most of what happens. I was going to say, “with my eyes shut”, actually that is often literally true!

I have just been on a weekend course, “The Initiation” on developing one’s intuition with Darren Eden and thoroughly enjoyed it. I discovered that I am actually quite intuitive but when I shared that along with the further comment, “I haven’t yet managed to work out the logic behind intuition.” people thought it funny. I am certain there is a logic – actually if one accepts the premises of absolute monism the logic is quite apparent.

I have found that the trick to sharing in workshops is to avoid looking at people, if necessary by turning away or closing one’s eyes. I shared the realisation that one of my passions is sharing my experience of being an adult with Aspergers and of growing up in ignorance of my ASD. I was surprised at the interest it provoked, I had never realised just how many families are affected by autism and pleasantly surprised at how many people really do want to understand their autistic relatives.

When I discovered just how passionate I am about bridging the gap between people with autism and their relatives – particularly between autistic children and their parents – put out a blog to get soundings of people’s opinions on whether a site where parents of children with autism could consult adults with autism about the experiences of being on the spectrum. I am wondering whether one of the established autism societies – as a member I am thinking NAS – might be willing to be involved. Of course, it’s early days and I haven’t yet established if the service isn’t already being provided elsewhere.

Thanks to Darren’s course I now have great clarity in several areas and am looking forward to getting into action on them. Darren is a brilliant presenter, very funny and he gets results. The course is very fast paced and actually because of the amount that is accomplished in a short time tiring but in that good way of having completed a day of good work. After every break the next session commences with dancing to loud music but there was no objection to me sitting outside until the music stopped. Even outside the room earplugs were necessary. The only other thing I didn’t enjoy was being hugged but I like to think I bore it with good grace, actually I just tended to freeze. I have developed a one arm sideways hug which often serves me well but some of these people were determined two arm huggers, still I have survived.

Darren’s course was designed to sharpen my intuition, unfortunately it seems to have sharpened my other senses so I am in agony. I am horribly aware of how my clothes are sitting, the usual noises seem so much louder, and the lights are making my eyes feel as if they are being stabbed with hot pins. In a couple of days everything should be back to normal but I’m not sure how much I’ll exercise my intuition if it’s going to do this to me. Time and error will tell.


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That course sounds fascinating.

Unfortunately, I’ve found that autism parents in my area are all about “curing” their affected children and do not want to hear from people like me (an adult on the spectrum)… hopefully you’ll have better luck! All the best.

Comment by outoutout

I always say, “cure what you can and make the best of the rest”. There is evidence that some of the conditions accompanying autism can be relieved by therapeutic intervention and it’s up to the parents to provide what relief they can. I think if they are looking for a cure for autism they will be very disappointed.

Comment by Springingtiger

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