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Not The Last Airbender – Reflections on Opinion

I enjoyed The Last Airbender. What I find strange is the terrible reviews it received but I realise the media reviews owed nothing to the film but were part of a sustained campaign against http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0796117/. Following on the press reviews were other bad reviews by those prepared to say anything as long as it is fashionable, and the media have made it fashionable to belittle Shyamalan.

There seems to be an attitude in the media that they are not only the arbiters of public opinion but also that the positions and reputation of the successful are in their gift. In the past we have seen similar campaigns to destroy Kevin Costner, Aishwarya Rai, Ben Affleck , Keanu Reeves and – very obviously – many politicians. It is as though the Media feel that they made the stars and the stars should be grateful Sometimes it appears that these campaigns are based more on the need of certain interests to control public opinion than on reality, thus whatever Shyamalam does gets slated – even a compelling and demanding film like The Village – and Gordon Brown gets yards of press for biting his nails while his rescue of the western financial system is ignored.

The problem is that opinion has no empirical reality but is based on the Goebbels principal that repeating a lie often enough – while belittling other opinions – will make people accept it as true. If we look at most opinions particularly the fashionable one we find them based on nothing but repetition or to put it another way, it is that they are fashionable that makes them true.

A very fashionable opinion now is that religions are bad, voiced both by atheists and those who espouse “spirituality” while rejecting the discipline of religion. The atheist position if that anything that is not provable empirically is not true, unfortunately for them while it is not possible to empirically prove the transcendent it is equally impossible to disprove it. This is further complicated when one takes into account the Saivite position that the sense organs do not perceive the world but create it thus every opinion and its supporting evidence can only ever be subjective. People have the need to belittle the beliefs of others because their own beliefs afford them so little support, thus people like Richard Dawkins can apply the Goebels principal to the propagation of atheism, calling for a standard of scientific evidence in support of theism that they persistently fail to provide in attack. Now Stephen Hawking has jumped on the bandwagon, he has a slight advantage in that he will at least be able to gather direct evidence sooner than most of us. There have been other debunkers like James Randi who merely succeeded in presenting themselves as unhappy and embittered people incapable of grasping the fundamental truth that logic can never change a belief because beliefs are not founded in logic but in need. The only way to change a persons belief is to replace it with a new belief that satisfies their need .Whether the belief is in the right of the Pope to dictate personal conduct or that vaccines cause autism they satisfy a need which is greater than logic,

As long as weak minded people allow themselves to be dictated to by fashion rather than honestly choosing their own beliefs we will live in a society where a small minority with influence can determine the majority opinion. Do we really want a future of conservative (small “c”) politics and television consisting of little more than “reality” shows, DIY, cooking and soaps, and is this my opinion or have I been reading Richard Briars?

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