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I am listening to the Shut Up and Listen Radio Show ‒ the radio show that promotes music by learning disabled musicians ‒ for the very first time. The November show can be found at http://www.shutupandlisten.org.uk/index.php?id=76. I think I should make clear that I am Fifty-Seven and a Johnny Cash fan who thinks that with very few exceptions ‒ Johnny Cash being one ‒ music finished with the Seventies. I was pleasantly surprised to find plenty I could listen to on Shut Up and Listen and the tracks that were not to my taste largely modern bump, bump stuff were no worse ‒ to my ears ‒ than music from the “able-bodied” in the same genres. One thing I notice is that the music seems to be more lyric driven than most modern music, this is music with something to say.

As well as lots of music the show also includes news and entertainment items relevant to the learning disabled community including a report about the Blue Oasis Club. Another thing that should be made clear is that “learning disabled” is by no means synonymous with “unintelligent” quite the contrary! Any one who listens to David Munn’s drama Another Day (part 2 is next month) will be left in no doubt that this is entertainment for the intelligent. I shall continue to listen and I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone “disabled” ‒ god, how I hate that word! ‒ or able-bodied who wants to firstly be entertained and secondly appreciate the wealth of talent in the disabled community.

Shut Up and Listen is the music making initiative from the charity Carousel . Carousel is an award winning registered charity that facilitates people with a learning disability to reach their potential in the arts. Check out their website for the range of things they do http://carousel.org.uk/


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I enjoy lyric-driven music too and expect to make Listen part of my regular listening.

Comment by Adelaide Dupont

I hope you do I enjoyed it. It is inspiring.

Comment by springingtiger

Thank you for the review! It’s really great to hear some honest feedback from a listener! Just in case you didn’t already know, we keep all of our previous shows on our website.
If you want to hear more – they’re all available to download.

Sam – from Shut up and Listen

Comment by Shut up and Listen!

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