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Mature Autism – A New Year

It is traditional around this time of year to review the one that has just passed. Every year Neelam and I put out a letter reviewing our year for friends and family for the first time it has been bleak. Usually there are plenty of snippets of positive news, but this year very few. It has been a hard year financially, emotionally and mentally so now before moving on I intend to pull out some positives to carry me into 2011 with some real enthusiasm.

2010 was my first full year of blogging and I have learned a lot. I had started blogging as way of making sense of my thought processes and it has proved effective in providing me with greater clarity. I have also an enjoyable hobby. Twice during the year I threatened to give up the blog, first time because I was wondering if it had any point and the second time because I had decided I could live no longer. I received so much support both for my blog and for myself that I am writing still and intend to be around to write for a while yet. One of the biggest positives of the year was discovering how much people cared about me. I was pleased and very moved to discover how many of my on-line “friends” proved to be real friends when I needed them.

On reflection I am surprised at how many friends I have made on-line particularly as I am generally very anti-social. I know some people boast of thousands of on-line friends and followers, but I have been more selective so I can honestly say that my friends actually mean something to me and those I follow on Twitter I follow because they have something to say I want to hear. Looking back I am truly pleased that some of my friends on Facebook I first met online in the newsgroup Alt Healing Reiki AHR and that makes them the dearer to me. I am not good at maintaining friendships so the AHR ones are special.

When things were bad it was not only my friends on-line who rallied round so another positive I discover is that I do have some good friends. I must also say that Neelam’s family have been truly wonderful especially when we lost our heating. Our central heating broke down at the coldest time of the year which was the last straw for me and precipitated my savage downswing into utter despair. Neelam’s family came to our rescue with heaters and providing ready cash for a boiler replacement which saved us from a logistical nightmare. Positively I go into 2011 with a warm house and an even warmer family. Oh 2011 is looking better all the time.

My older granddaughter started school and the younger one became interesting so they promise to be an ongoing source of entertainment.

The nearest thing we had to a holiday this year was attending Darren Eden’s Initiation course in Kingston Upon Thames, which was a truly magical weekend and I enjoyed myself. We also had a huge family get together in Leicester for Neelam’s cousin’s wedding where I realised much about how events can be organised to include people with social and sensory problems.

I have learned a huge amount this year as approaching things from the realisation of Asperger’s has enabled me to understand my reactions and make logical and practical adaptations so in many ways my life is getting easier.

I had some minor health niggles this year so have been thoroughly checked out and enter the new year confident in my general health and well being.

The chaos caused by out boiler replacement threw us into frenzied tidying over Christmas which lifted my spirits and our tidying continues so I look forward to a truly supportive environment, we have plans. I also have plans for my garden, which will benefit from some dry weather for digging. Physical activity is such a boost, this year promises to be very boosting.

I have health, my sanity back – some may differ – goals to drive me and plenty to do. I have friends and family. I have my blog and online activities. My sister-in-law gave me a Bagpuss for Christmas. I expect 2011 is going to be a good year!

Happy New Year from Bagpuss & the 'Tiger.

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Happy 2011, Rory. With love from your friend Judy x

Comment by Judy

Happy New Year! 🙂

Comment by KWombles

Ana a Happy New Year to yous 2.

Comment by springingtiger

Glad to know you (-:

Comment by Mark Aldiss

I admit, Mark, you were one of the friends to whom I was referring, but felt it tactful to refrain from naming names. Your support during a seriously bad time is greatly appreciated.

Comment by springingtiger

Great end-of-year/new year reflections on the positives that come out of the negatives. Wishing you a very joy filled and productive New Year! 🙂

Comment by Annette Heidmann

Thanks Nettie. Back to a place where I can use logic to override all that emotional garbage!

Comment by Springingtiger

Others have given me support when i was deep down and wanting to die – I am glad that the net exists for that reason alone. What you have added to our lives by letting out your life has been inspirational even if all you wanted to do was clear your own head! Thank you to you for what you have added to my life m8

Comment by Mark Aldiss

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