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I am glad I tried Linux

Unlike some Linux users I am not going to be rude about Microsoft. I know people who work for MS and I like them. OK, Microsoft may seem to want to keep all the toys in the play park for themselves just like Apple, but I wonder if the open-source community didn’t have Bill and Steve to irritate them whether computing would have advanced as far and as fast as it has.

I used to be a Windows user, I liked XP even though it was slow compared to my Amiga. I eventually had a series of PCs running Windows XP and I stuck with Windows because I believed there was no alternative, Amiga died, Macs were expensive and Linux was just for geeks and used a terrifying thing called a, “command line” so as my PC grew older and slower I stuck with Windows. Then Windows died. I knew the box was working, but Windows wouldn’t boot, so I decided to try Linux. I put in a Ubuntu 8 CD and back came Windows! My encounter with Linux was delayed a couple of times until the day when my Ubuntu disk went in and Windows still refused to play, so I chose to install Ubuntu.

I knew enough from PC magazines to know that Ubuntu had a graphical user interface (GUI) like Windows, but most of what I read suggested it was a poor substitute for Windows, wrong. I was stunned! My old box ran faster than it had when it was new and mostly everything I needed to do I could do by pointing and clicking. I was so impressed I immediately switched my laptop – which was painfully slow running Windows XP – to Ubuntu. I have upgraded the operating system a couple times since then and now my laptop is bounding along on Ubuntu Netbook Remix and I still love it!

I was impressed at how much software was available for free and how little unnecessary software installed with the OS – another reason for its speed. Of course, eventually the day came when I had to face the command line, when I actually had to open and use (a drum roll might be appropriate here) the Terminal. I can’t even remember now what I was trying to do, but I do remember a quick Google search brought me into contact with a lot of people who – unlike me – knew exactly what to do. When I have to use the Terminal I rarely even bother to type into the command line, I just cut and paste the commands supplied by knowledgeable folk on Ubuntu forums or other sites. Frequently the answers I get to problems don’t involve the Terminal at all, but questions about Ubuntu,FireFox and Yoono have all been answered swiftly, without cost and without calls to support lines. I may not be a geek, I may find expressions like “sudo apt get” meaningless, but I’ve never been made to feel stupid by the folk on the forums.

The more I use Linux and other free and open-source software like Firefox the more I enjoy them, they are constantly improving because of the passion of the communities behind them and those communities seem only to pleased to share their passion with us non-tech types. I would recommend to anyone to try Linux. Particularly if you are thinking of replacing your PC, why not replace Windows with a Linux distro? You may add years of useful life to your computer and be pleasantly surprised at how easy, enjoyable, educational and economical free computing can be!


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Linux is a strong OS and I agree with most of what you have said, however I prefer Mac OSX, that said as a free package Linux is hard to beat.

Comment by Tech Helper

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