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Philosophy & Fun – A Good Day in The West End

A dry day and time on our hands, Neelam and I decided a visit to Glasgow’s West End Festival was in order. When it started the Festival lasted but a few days, now it lasts three weeks. It is a festival that grew from the local community, and while it welcomes sponsorship from many sources, it is a festival that draws its strength and vitality from the community. We chose to go to two events deeply rooted in the local community.

First via the market in Ashton Lane – where I bought a selection of fudge – we went to The Sunday Afternoon Philosophy Cafe with Phil Hanlon hosted by Hillhead Baptist Church. Doctor Hanlon asked where the future lies for health-care and stimulated an interesting discussion – available on www.hillheadbaptistchurch.co.uk – ultimately the answer may lie with each of us and our willingness to take responsibility for ourselves and our world.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at a truly local event, The Gibson Street Gala. We arrived in time to catch Barulho Beats – what is it it that draws some feminists to percussion? The Gala was fun with two stages, paintings on railings lots of stalls some selling handicrafts, some food and some eliciting participation in the sort of causes that make this a better world. We spent quite a lot on a photograph as a wedding present for my brother, but it is unusual and meets his request for something sentimental as it combines memories of Glasgow with his love of photography and photographic processing. We visited the refurbished back courts which was also the site of the Acoustic stage . After seeing everything we ended up in St Silas Church who were providing a free cafe with musical entertainment. There was something for everyone young and old, but one can only do so much, we had a great day!

The question is now – with two weeks left – what else will we go to? There is just so much – Music, Rock, Jazz, Folk and Classical also Comedy, theatre, guided walks, all sorts of classes and exhibitions and talks. Next weekend 18th & 19th June there is the Glasgow Mela in Kelvingrove Park so that’s probably on the list, but what else, too much to do, how do I choose?

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