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I was watching the Autism File…

I was watching the Autism File on television this afternoon, with an open mind because everyone is entitled to their opinions, and they’re only wrong when they disagree with me. Although the program was about intestinal problems it was two more or less unrelated things that caught my attention.

One non-verbal autistic kid had drawn pictures of himself, always with a hand on his belly but more interestingly when asked to draw his upcoming ear operation, his picture showed the surgeon cutting into his abdomen and his x-ray on the wall had an x marked on the same place. Conclusions were drawn about intestinal problems, but I think the real question to be asked of the parents of non-verbal children is, “Are you sure he is not speaking to you?” Observe your child very carefully, that he is non-verbal does not mean he is not capable of coherent communication, in some cases you may discover he has an unexpected channel of communication, but not always.

The other thing – perhaps not so serious – is that, although Polly Toomey is apparently neurotypical, she stims – tapping her elbow or wringing her hands – throughout the interviews she conducts. Perhaps in a future program she might give an insight into the benefits she derives from it.


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