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Getting a Life and Ditching the Meds.

Those of you who have been interacting with me for some time will have noticed my depression building over a while; some of you have been kind and given me support during some of the crises I endured on the downward spiral, thank you! Eventually I was diagnosed with depression and prescribed zombie meds; I am pleased to announce I am off the meds, I took myself off them so my doctor is insisting on scheduling some meetings with me just to keep an eye on me.

Some months ago – before I was diagnosed – my wife, Neelam booked us both onto “Get the Life You Want, a weekend seminar taught by Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna and hosted by NLP LIFE Training. I have done a seminar with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna before, Neelam did her NLP practitioner with them about fourteen years ago. I did not attend the seminar because of my depression, I went purely for the experience of seeing Bandler and McKenna in action because they are both brilliant in their different ways.

By the end of the first day I knew my depression was gone. The medication had evened out my moods but I was still very aware of the underlying presence of depression; the effect of the seminar was very different, try as I might I was unable to recall the depression although I can remember vividly all the events connected with it. I have to confess I am not entirely sure what killed the depression, whether it was some of the techniques taught by Paul McKenna – including a very good one for de-sensitising emotional memories – or Richard Bandler’s incredibly powerful and hypnotic story telling, but gone it is and I am glad.

I must say I am somewhat in awe of Richard Bandler’s ability to work with a series of nested loops over several days without loosing track of them. Bandler’s terminology of nested loops derives from his experience with computer programs, but in NLP each nested loop is a metaphorical narrative contained within a narrative, sometimes loops are nested within nested loops, and they are not always closed sequentially. They are very effective as a tool for enlisting the unconscious mind as an agent of change because they – particularly the way Bandler uses them – bypass the beliefs of the conscious mind, very sneaky! Richard Bandler was somewhat amused when someone suggested that he was doing something more than telling stories, so were the participants.

I came away from the course, not only free from my depression, but equipped with new techniques and my head buzzing with ideas for the future. Now once more there seems to be some point in making plans and some anticipated pleasure in their execution.


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Please accept my best. This is good to see.

Comment by John Ferrier

Thank you, John.

Comment by springingtiger

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