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I wish I’d known about the food thing!

If there is one thing that really annoys me about not getting my Asperger’s diagnosis until my 50s, it’s all the stuff I had to learn to eat because I didn’t know I was allowed to melt-down and refuse – actually back when I was a child refusal was out of the question and Aspergers was unknown. I have seen myself sitting for ages at school, in tears, as I struggled to consume a bowl of cold and congealing rice pudding. Monday lunches were hell; corned beef and lumpy mashed potato followed by rice pudding. I hated sago and tapioca too, as well as liver. Over the years I have forced my self to eat all sorts of foods I’d rather not – I would just live on bread, biscuits, sausages, sweets and chocolate if it were up to me – I even tried tripe, oh god, never again!

Unfortunately because I have been married so long, I can’t use my Aspergers to prevent my wife making me eat healthy stuff because she knows that I can eat sensibly if supervised. In the supermarket she remarked to me that, shopping with me is like shopping with a child, I have a tendency to buy biscuits, sweets and beer! My wife quite correctly insists on my eating a varied diet which includes sensible menu choices, without her it would be both unhealthy and repetitive. Today she prevented me from taking a tub of chocolate covered, rum soaked sultanas to work as my meal.

I am actually grateful to those who forced me to eat against my wishes because had I been left to my own devices there are so many foods I just would not have tried; even now I can easily slip into a habit of eating the same things if I am not careful. There was a time when I ate virtually nothing but cheese sandwiches and I still frequently return to them, I think because of their comforting familiarity and because they feel right in my mouth. I love spicy food so having an Indian mother-in-law is an absolute joy! The good thing about sandwiches is that they tend not to be too hot; I have a tendency to eat my food straight from the heat and have frequently scalded my mouth and tongue, but I can’t help myself, I have to eat as soon as I am ready .I hate waiting which is a problem if I have gone out for dinner, I am very impatient and hate the delay between choosing from a menu and actually starting to eat. Whatever, I am glad I never had the opportunity to confine my diet to a few comfortable choices, I may have had to eat things I don’t like, but I have discovered and enjoy a whole world of food choices which – if left to myself – I never would have.


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how weird – i just commented about this to you on FB – my friends help me keep on track with food too – without them trying to help others while keeping myself balanced is a full time job.. and one that i fail at when joining in with life threatening fights worldwide – or even when just trying to work out how to cope on little or no money.

The more i focus on someone else the less i focus on myself which is ok other than that i start to starve happily but not realise it till i start to wobble mightily

White custard was one of my no go areas at primary. and liver and tapioca and….

I am glad i know you… in a virtual sort of way (-:

Comment by projectbrainsaver

You virtually know me!

Like you I find that when I am focused things like eating tend to get forgotten.

Comment by Springingtiger

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