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A Sense of Wonder.

I sat down at the PC to watch a program on BBC iPlayer, I was excited, I always am when I watch iPlayer, not because of the content – however good that may be – but just because it’s possible. On my classic iPod I watch films and classic TV shows and this too fills me with a sense of wonder; I love that I can copy a DVD to my PC, onto iTunes and from iTunes onto my iPod. It always fills me with awe that as well as several thousand songs I also have several TV shows and films in my pocket; I love that on my iPod I can listen to an audio book of – for example – Conan Doyle’s The Speckled Band or watch the Jeremy Brett television version, perhaps if I prefer read it on my Sony Reader or pick up the print version of the Complete Sherlock Holmes (Strand facsimile) that sits by my bed and happily flick through real paper pages, so many choices!

I am fortunate that the world never ceases to fill me with wonder and that there is always something new at which to marvel. When I were a child our radios plugged into the wall and their valves illuminated the room, however when I were at school my Grandmother bought me an Hitachi transistor radio that fitted in my pocket and provided me with many happy hours of listening to Radio Luxembourg in the dorm after lights-out. As a young child I loved “Watch With Mother” and our evening “Children’s Hour” now my grandchildren have access to non-stop CBBC – at this point I should state that some Philistine has ruined “Bill and Ben” – and several other dedicated children’s channels, is this a good thing? I don’t know, but it is what’s so! I have been amazed by colour television, by the Sony Walkman and – as I have mentioned – by my iPod. I am still excited by the Internet and that I can access it on a mobile phone. I remember the first mobile I saw when working for BT at the Commonwealth Games in 1986, it was a car phone mounted on what appeared to be a car battery with a shoulder strap and an aerial several feet tall and I dreamt of how wonderful it must be to have one, needless to say I am seriously in awe of modern smart phones! I am excited by storage media and was amazed in turn by the 8inch floppy disk, CDs, DVDs, SD cards, USB sticks. Don’t get me started on digital photography!

It’s not just technology that inspires my sense of wonder I have twice visited the Taj Mahal and was as stunned by it on the second visit as the first; however on one occasion the sight of the full moon hanging in a blue summer sky ,as I climbed the hill towards my home, filled me with as much awe. I have stood on hills and seen views that took my breath away, I have enjoyed sunrises and sunsets, seen dolphins off the Black Isle, so many things and still I am excited by fresh snow on the garden or spring birdsong.

A trip to a furnishing store is always a source of joy as there are so many textures to feel. There is always so much to see on a trip into town, I love watching people, looking in windows, browsing in bookshops. I am always fascinated by the ingenuity of products in Lakeland ,and – needless to say – electrical shops are literally wonderful. My wife complains that shopping with me is like shopping with a child, am I to blame that shops sell sweets, gadgets and toys?

I tend to have a child’s grasp of reality, reading The Princess Bride confused me, it was some time – and only after a web search – that I realised that S. Morganstern was as fictional as Westley and Inigo, I still don’t know where fiction ends and reality begins in some of the pieces outside the story! It also enables me to watch a film over and over again and wonder if it might end differently, it would if the characters could hear me shouting instructions to them!

It is true that occasional bouts of depression can dampen my enthusiasm, but they are infrequent. I may have some physical and psychological challenges. However of this I am certain, all the difficulties I may experience are nothing when compared with being able every day to look at the world and go, “WOW!” Peter Pan is not so much a personality as an aspiration, why should I want to cease to be a child?


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I enjoy your comments- it gives me an insight into my daughter’s thought processes- I have told her so many times that Santa is a story made up to excite young children- but she fluxuates on believing he is real or believing my statements that he is fiction- depends on the day, month and year… but your comments help me to realize that she just thinks things could turn out differently. It must be confussing to her.

Comment by Nancy Oliver

Sometimes I have a slight logic bypass, recently I watched the Kennedies and despite my hopes Bobby was still assassinated. Our world obeys different laws!

Comment by Springingtiger

I wanted Bobby to live too and I don’t have Aspergers.

Comment by Neelam

Perhaps not…

Comment by springingtiger

[…] relationship with the world is largely that of trying to solve a puzzle with logic.I mentioned in “A Sense of Wonder” the difficulties presented to me by “The Princess Bride”. Although the narrative of the story […]

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