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Curse You Audio Captcha!

I do not as a rule have any major problem with blog sites that use a captcha to ensure that commentators are real people, Autisable doesn’t and as a consequence the comments frequently include totally unrelated marketing material, but yesterday I hit a real captcha problem. I visited one of my favourite blog sites – JeffsLife which is always thought provoking and informative – the post was about the employment prospects of Jeff’s son, Alex, and it moved me to want to comment. I wrote my comment, but when I sought to post it I found the capcha was obscured by an “Ads by Google” box. I could not move the box, it remained in place as I scrolled up and down, clicking on the ads did not cause it to disappear, but the button to substitute an audio capcha was accessible – problem solved.

No it blanketywell wasn’t! Again and again I played audio capchas, and again and again I failed to enter the correct letters. Unfortunately the letters were spoken faster than my ability to process them which was extremely frustrating – I don’t have glossolalia, but, had you heard me, you could have been excused for thinking otherwise! – fortunately when I was reaching boiling point I had the sense to stop trying and instead made my comments directly to Jeff via Linked In. There was a time, particularly when I was younger when such frustration would have led to things being broken, there is much to be said for age that moderates rage. (snappy little sound bite if I were reading this aloud!)

I love the Internet, but I do occasionally have problems with it. I tend not to read in a straight line and websites with lots of distractions make my reading process rather laborious, as a guide I would say that Facebook is too fussy, I’m not even sure that my own site doesn’t need a good tidy!. Pop-ups and animations are a real nuisance, all I really want is a block of clear type on a contrasting background. That’s another pet hate of mine, illegible text, it’s sad that when someone has gone to the trouble to compose a piece they publish it in dark letters on a dark background because I just won’t bother to try and read it.

I do not consider myself disabled, as a rule, but that blasted audio captcha reminded me that I do have some processing challenges. I wish website builders would take into account that not all of us share the same facility of processing. I will continue to visit JeffsLife because of the quality of its content, – it is very legible too, black on yellow.

Website designers and providers please think of those of us with processing problems when you design your sites, we too should have a right to be able to use the Internet!


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STOP PRESS: I have discovered a solution to the JeffsLife problem – don’t go into an individual posting, but instead go into the main site and scroll to the post upon which you wish to comment.

Comment by springingtiger

or scale the size of the page using the control key and the + or – keys…

Comment by projectbrainsaver

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