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A Buster Keaton Week.

I just banged my hand again. It’s been one of those weeks, if there was something to walk into, to fall over or upon which to bang any part of my anatomy then that is what has happened. My finger ends are sore from missing that for which I was reaching and instead hitting shelves, unfortunately when I do pick things up I drop them, as often as not. I seem to knock things over as readily as grasp them. Typing is a chore as my fingers are stubbornly refusing to type what I want, forcing me to backspace repeatedly. This week the vertical has been escaping me at inconvenient moments like negotiating doorways, my shoulders have suffered! I have been catching sleeves and pockets on door handles and my poor toes have taken more punishment that they deserve. My coordination is totally shot at the moment.

Everybody’s talking at me, I can’t hear a word they’re saying. If they’d only speak one at a time, if there was no background noise, perhaps things might be easier. I hate sitting in pubs and watching people’s mouths moving without being able to separate their words from the general din. Why do public venues feel obliged to play music and surround customers with television screens?

Excuse my rant, but it’s just been one of those weeks. And now it’s snowing, lots more potential for bumps and bruises, oh goody!

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We all have our days. I’m sorry about your experience. You might find it helpful to see our “emotions chart” on our website. Good luck.

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