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Happy Christmas.

I used not to hate Christmas, I never entirely associated with it, but I didn’t hate it. Every Christmas my wife’s family got together for a big family dinner, a combination of Indian dishes with traditional western Christmas accompaniments plus Cauliflower Cheese – no, I don’t know why Cauliflower cheese! Twelve years ago, in December, my Father in Law died and we did not have the family dinner, we never resumed and, somehow, I lost Christmas.

I now find Christmas terribly hollow. Having given up celebrating Christmas, I seem to be assaulted by all its illogicality and inconsistencies. When one is immersed in Christmas one does not notice how ridiculous it is, but once removed, and observing from the outside, Christmas loses its magic. The saddest thing about Christmas is the way that anything that is good about it has been replaced by hypocrisy and greed. Obama will go to church on Christmas Day as will David Cameron and unmanned drones will continue to kill Afghan children. In the Sudan people will starve, Palestinians will remain strangers in their own land and in Britain the government will continue to remove support from the disabled and fails to stand up for its citizens.

I don’t celebrate Christmas any more, I would like to, but there seems little to celebrate. If you do celebrate I hope you have a Happy Christmas, but please spare a thought for the homeless, the hungry, the disenfranchised, the oppressed, the disabled, the weak and infirm. Happy Christmas!


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I’m quite relieved you’ve posted this ! I’ve felt sad at Christmas from an early age. I uses to meticulously keep diaries and throughout my teenage years there are Christmas day entries that record how guilty I felt at feeling cross with everyone’s gluttony and excesses.
My own daughter now tells me how sad Christmas Carols make her feel- me too! Just seems to remind me how much we have materially, how little spiritually.
But, still- I wish all a Happy Christmas and give each other love every day- not just at Christmas!

Comment by Judith Vaughan

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