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Revised version “All His base Are Belong To Him” NO, NO, NO!

Early this morning I posted an unedited article, now I’ve had a chance to sleep and reflect on it. I posted,”I am offended and upset, I just read an article “All His base Are Belong To Him” by Susan Senator. The title doesn’t make sense! I could live with “all his base belongs to him” but not this! I read the article, a good article, but it didn’t explain the title, the title is wrong and it hurts. I feel physiacally nauseous, I am trembling and my finger is full of tooth marks. I don’t like Susan Seanator, it’s not logical, not her fault, but I cant get my head round this and it hurt, my tics are on overdrive, i am actually dizzy and my fingers are all over the place! I should perhaps wait and review this before posting, but this time i thouhght I’d post it raw. Sorry if it offends.”

Thank you to those people who explained the reference, especially Nettie who is always there when I need support, big thanks all. I have to admit the last game I completed was Quake, I find games use up too much time. Like you Nettie I couldn’t watch much of the video, but thanks for sharing it!

Normally I wait before posting my blog in order to allow time to reflect, but I thought this time posting it “raw” would allow readers an idea of how I actually felt rather than just seeing my thoughts about how I felt. The worst thing was the actual physical pain a sentence could give me, I don’t know if it’s some sort of synaesthesia, but it has elements of the fingernails on chalkboard sensation. The other thing that disturbed me was how easily I could dislike someone I have never met, who was doing her best to be helpful, just because of my personal distress. I have considered removing the offending page from my book, or erasing the title with liquid paper because even after the explanation I still find it upsetting. I appreciate this is not logical, but it is more like a reaction to being stabbed than it is a response to a comment; I suspect it may well be a synaesthesia. Finally I must say sorry to Susan Senator who inadvertently upset me; I really must go back to having a cooling off period before I edit and post!


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I don’t know if it will help any, but here’s a wiki link for a quick explanation of the origin of the phrase “All your base are belong to us.” which has sort of permeated popular culture:


And here’s the original (I think) video from youtube.

Comment by Annette Holston Heidmann

And btw, I can’t watch the whole video through, it grates on me big time!

Comment by Annette Holston Heidmann

The phrase “All your Base are belong to us” comes from a videogame. As I understand it, it was supposed to mean “All your bases are under our control”. Senator was just referencing this.

Comment by autismjungle

Have you asked her? Maybe it is some sort of pun – or maybe it is just a typo or grammar mistake.

You could put a link to the article in your post. That way people who read this post may click on the link to the article, read it and maybe get the reason for the wrong title if there is one. They may then come back here and explain why in the comment track.


Comment by Mados

Hmm, that’s odd. I left a comment under my blog name and it isn’t showing. The article by Susan Senator is a reference to a mistranslation in a video game. The villain says “All your Base are belong to us.” It should have been “All your bases are under our control.” It’s now a comic meme.

Comment by Julian Frost

I, for one, did not find your post offensive at all. It was clear that you were expressing an honest reaction, unsanitized by time or reflection. I think that can be quite valuable, as it certainly opens a door for others to understand you better. 🙂

Comment by Annette Holston Heidmann

I actually find ‘All Your Base Are Belong to US’ quite funny now when I know where it is from.

When I posted my comment there appeared to be no other comments here! The explanation render my suggestions obsolete, so I apologise for making irrelevant suggestions.

Comment by Mados

No, thanks for commenting.

Comment by springingtiger

Learned through NLP that good spellers usually have a kinaesthetic reaction to wrongly spelled words (for me a very sharp pain across midline). Think our previous discussion about how all the senses seem to be super-sensitive is relevant here – amplified version of reaction to wrong words/grammar etc. Wondering now if it also applies to violations of values (eg marriage, integrity) hence apparently more rigid adherence to values. Not sure how you dampen reaction but really useful self-awareness; sharing with others about this is important for those who don’t react in the same way. Think my over-sensitvity is to bereavement to which you have little reaction (as you’ve blogged about in the past) so it seems to be wiring about different things rather than wiring per se?

Comment by Neelam

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