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My Granddaughters Love Books

A few days ago I was watching my two year-old granddaughter emptying books from a box ,and having spread them across the floor, sitting and turning pages. She cannot read, but she loves turning the pages, she loves looking at the pictures, and she loves being read to. She uses, “Story?” as a greeting.

My elder granddaughter could read before she went to school, both her parents and my wife and I, made a point when reading to her of pointing to the words as we read them. She learned quickly and loves to read, although she does not always understand what she is reading she has an insatiable curiosity. Her mother also read from an early age.

My daughter too always loved books. I think because both my wife and I read a lot it never occurred to her to do otherwise. She used to get annoyed when rather than answer her questions I would hand her a relevant book and tell her to look up the answer for herself, that’s how I learned and it’s a better way than being given the answer without any work. Like my grandchildren my daughter always had books, more or less from birth, beginning with board and cloth books.

I learned to read before school. My mother read to me, but I also had Harold Hare comics. I loved comics and eventually progressed from Harold Hare to the Eagle – home of Dan Dare. As the grandfather in The Princess Bride says, “When I was young TV was called books.” We used to have very little children’s television, at lunch time we had “Watch With Mother” and from 17.00 to 18.00 we had “Children’s Hour” and on Sunday afternoons there would be a film suitable for all the family. We had a lot of time in which to read or play. Play did not mean video games it meant toys, or other physical activities. If it were dry we played outside, if wet inside. Without videos, all-day television, PCs and games consoles the alternative to toys was reading books. I say reading books because then we did not have the variety of magazines and comics we have today and there were very few imports from the USA.

I don’t think that a love of reading is genetically inherited, but the habit of reading does seem to be passed on from one generation to the next and it is a wonderful gift that allows us to carry the universe in our pockets and to never need to be bored. My Granddaughters love books and I am glad!


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I believe if kids are raised around books and that they are read to as children they will grow up to be readers. I at least think that explains how it happened to me.

Comment by bibliopirate

Makes sense to me, I am saddened at how few are these days. I do believe children should be raised with technology, but as well as books, not instead of.

Comment by springingtiger

We have been out of comtact for ages.
I looked up you and ‘mrs Rory’ on the internet just to say Hi!.
I hope this gets to you.
If you want to open a great way for the dawning of real education and intelligence upon just about any mind take a look into the TRIVIUM and then the QUADRIVIUM. These will blow and open your mind.
Not that your mind needs anything.
I read an interview about you and aspergers and it makes a great of my life make sense.
Thank God for imperfection!
I thought that not going through life as a robotic 9 till 5 sheep was wrong then I realised that being different was not only a blessing but an absolute gift from the Universe.
If anyone out there knows Rory please pass this message on
Love and Thanks neilprescott6@yahoo.com

Comment by Neil Prescott

Hey Neil, it is so good to hear from you. Neelam asked Dave if he had your contact details, but he didn’t so your comment is a real godsend.

Comment by springingtiger

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