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Mandolin bit me tumb!
January 26, 2012, 22:59
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Yesterday while my wife was out at meetings, I decided to surprise her by making dinner. I realized that the easiest way of preparing vegetables for mashing would be to chop it small and cook it, then mash it. Unfortunately as I was getting the vegetables together I spotted the mandolin and thought how much it would speed up the process of chopping vegetables. I peeled my veg and started to use the mandolin, because I have history with mandolins I carefully pushed a fork into each piece of veg so that my hands need not come close to the blade. I really don’t know quite what happened, Parsnip can be tough, but my hand slipped, and my thumb was cut.

I used kitchen towel to catch the blood, and went to the bathroom to wash and bandage it. I don’t really do pain, but I do do shock, and it is difficult to put plasters on one hand with the other when both hands are shaking, I managed, but I hope Gil Grissom doesn’t visit my bathroom or I’ll have some explaining to do. Later when the bleeding had stopped and I was changing the dressing for the third time I realized how deep was the cut, about half a centimeter and just a little more in length, not so deep as a well nor so wide as a church door, but ‘twill serve! Well at least it’s debilitating enough to make me grateful that I am ambidextrous, but I was surprised to realize how many tasks I habitually perform with my right hand.

My wife later asked me why I hadn’t just used my “Nicer Dicer”, that would be because I had seen the mandolin and so thought no further. She pointed out to me that mandolins really should not be used by people with dyspraxia, I think she meant me!


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