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Change & Telephones

I don’t like change,and that applies to telephones as much as anything else. I have been using a N95 since it was at the cutting edge of communications technology and I still like it. My phone is set up exactly as I like it, and it works for me… unfortunately it works less often than it used and it’s falling apart.

I now have a new Galaxy S2 and I don’t like it. It’s not the phone’s fault it has a touch screen to shich I am not yet used. Nor is it the phone’s fault I have to set it up to suit me, and sort out my contacts — not that I phone people!

I disliked this phone until I discovered the Android Market. My N95 didn’t really have apps, modern phones have them like a rash. In the process of setting up my Galaxy, I found it neccessary to visit the  Market where I found this rather neat WordPress application, I am beginning to think (if I ever master typing on a touch screen) I may actually enjoy this phone!


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