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Autism Awareness: Psychology is Not Enough

Sometimes I think I think too much! I have posted about how I find NLP a useful tool for understanding the world ,and as I lay in bed later I started thinking about psychology and personal development. It occurred to me that no matter how much we study them human’s behaviour and attitudes are determined by more variables than one can ever effectively account for.

Even factoring environmental drivers of a person’s mood and behaviour is a superhuman task when there are so many, location, lighting, temperature, noise, movement, smell ,not to mention seasonal changes and weather conditions. We may be able, by observing a person’s behaviour, to assess some of their capabilities, but how do we know of what else they are capable or what frustrations are concealed by what they are not doing? The behaviours we see are merely the tip of the iceberg. How can we understand the beliefs that lie behind a person’s actions, how can we grasp the thousands of events, the cultures, and the teaching which has formed them. It is reasonable to assume that a person’s behaviour proceeds from their beliefs and who they believe themselves to be, but how can one ever determine all the factors that have formed those beliefs. Even if we ask someone about themselves and they are perfectly candid we still will not know of those influences of which they are not consciously aware.

I wish we had a world where cause and effect in human behaviour was simple and constant, but no two people are the same and no one person can be relied upon to act the same way twice. Many people seem to be able to accommodate variations in behaviour, but I want to know exactly what response any action will get and be confident there will be no nasty surprises. I don’t like it when a jocular comment reduces a room to icy silence, or an innocent action reduces a relationship to rubble. I believe that theoretically all responses can be logically determined, but in practice the number of variables makes that effectively impossible. Why can’t people be be more like machines, life would be so much easier and more comfortable?


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