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Autism Awareness: Jai Bholenath
April 18, 2012, 20:09
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Unfortunately thanks to pressure of events an old condition has been reactivated which has left me fairly knocked out. So rather than complete the  blog I was going to post here is a quirky piece from last year.

When I was at school I discovered the pre-Hindu God Shiva and fell in love. He is bad tempered and anti-social. He is not overly concerned with personal hygiene and certainly makes no pretense to follow fashion or show any respect for convention. He likes to spend his time alone and only interacted with people on his terms which tended to cause him to be less than popular with orthodox society. He fulfils the obligations of a God but in his own way. His friends are the rejected, the ghosts, demons and outcasts. He is a dangerous enemy if he can be bothered to take action, but he is fiercely loyal to his friends and followers.

Several years after leaving school my wife and I were brought together by a mutual love of Shivji, she was born on Mahasivratri – the night sacred to him – and as a Hindu it was perfectly appropriate fo her to worship him. I, on the other hand, was a practising Christian and a Companion of the Society of St Francis, I had been in the Christian Union at University and in the Student Christian Movement. It was obvious to me that Shivji was God – as in God the Father – and all the rest just slotted into place. I have to confess that my Christian theology was somewhat unorthodox and heavily based on meditation rather than more conventional practise.

My devotion to Shiva went unexplained for many years until recently I read Isabel’s World by Roy Grinker. Having received a diagnosis of Asperger’s I was reading up on autism to try to understand what it was and how come anyone thought I had it and Grinker’s book was just one among many. However his approach – as an anthropologist – was to look at autism in various cultural settings. The eureka moment came when he was told by Indian women that they had a God with autism – Shiva. No wonder I loved Shiva he was like me! Hindus say there is only one God and that there are 30,000000 Gods – one for each of us because we all relate to God in our own unique way – my God is Shiva. They say God made man in his own image, I know therefore who made me. Simples!


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Very nice sharing about God Shiva.You really worked in searching for Shivji well as per your love with God Shiva.

Comment by Jai bhole

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