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Blogging from my Phone
April 19, 2012, 07:15
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Sometimes when the internet is down, or I am out and about I publish blogs from my phone. I love that I can use WordPress on my mobile, but it’s not as easy as on my PC. I generally write my blog on Google Docs then copy and paste into WordPress, Autisable or Blogger (depending on the content), this is not as easy on my phone. The other bugbear I have with the phone is that it is more dyslexic than my typing and I sometimes find , too late, that I have posted strange changes made by predictive text.

Recently I have been reposting some blogs from my archive and this has thrown up another problem. Checking URLs in old text on my phone is a such a rigmarole that I have neglected to do it. I recently posted an old blog, but now having access to the internet on my PC I tried some of the old shortened URLs and discovered that they have been hijacked by porn sites. Time to go back and do someting about them.


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