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Autism Awareness: Argumentative Aspie

In common with many Aspies, I lack a pause button between thought and action, when that action is to comment on someone else’s Facebook post, unforseen consequences may arise.

Recently I commented on a post, my comment was, I thought, a perfectly reasonable criticism of religious intolerance, but the writer of the post took it personally and in return launched a personal attack on me. I thought I’d been very restrained in not pointing out how offensive the intolerant triumphalism of the writers bigotry was. However some people do not take criticism very well, particularly those who accept unquestioningly the teachings of their religion.

The problem with arguing with someone with a big investment in their beliefs, and it is as true of atheists as followers of any religion, is their rejection of reason. In my current argument, with a Catholic, I have been compelled to cite papal bulls to illustrate my points. Fortunately in this debate my opponent is a lot less abusive than some I have encountered.

I was taught to debate at school by my English teacher, Mr Hay. At university I was not an outstanding debater, because it takes me time to process information. I enjoy a debate on line when it is conducted with courtesy. On line I have time to prepare and, if necessary, research a response. My home contains about as many books as my local library, the difference is that fiction is a smaller proportion of the collection. Of course, if I can’t find the information on my shelves, there’s always the internet.

The problem with any debate between a person with Asperger’s and an ordinary human is that the Aspie will argue from logic whereas the human will allow passion to fuel their arguments. The Aspie may not understand passion and be confused by the vehemence of a response to what he thinks an innocuous comment. It is not easy to win an argument with an Aspie unless you can convince him with logic, he is prepared to research his argument four as long as it takes, and as long as his opponent fails to produce a logically conclusive argument. Unlike a human an Aspie will not cling to being “right” at the expense of being correct.


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“Unlike a human an Aspie will…” I love this. What are Aspies, if not human? Are they super-humans? Super-humans are still humans though, so that couldn’t be it… hmmm?

Comment by sensoryoverload2012

I like to think we represent the next stage in humanity’s evolution a it enters an increasingly technology based future in which digital communication is the norm.

Comment by springingtiger

I understand “the next stage in humanity’s evolution” and I understand how we are all entering “an increasingly technology based future in which digital communication is the norm” but I am not seeing your correlation between the two as it relates to my question.

Comment by sensoryoverload2012

Approaching religion with logic is, however, a complete waste of time at its best.

Comment by Mados

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