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June 18, 2012, 06:02
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I feel comfortable in my workplace, apart from the excessive chatter, noise and offensive lighting.

I wondered what it was I found so enjoyable and realised I am surrounded by rectangles. I do like rectangles. Circles and equilateral triangles are nice, but I really do like rectangles. I don’t like irregular figures, and many shapes like hexagons and octagons are too fussy, squares are strangely unsatisfying, but there is a certain beauty in a rectangle. I daresay some old Greek could explain why I find rectangles so soothing, I can’t, but I do. I suspect it is some quality inherent in it’s proportions that it loses as it approaches the square. I could research it, but I won’t, I can become a little obsessive about these things.

Do I need to understand why I love rectangles to enjoy them? It is perhaps best they remain just a pleasure and not allowed to become a hobby.


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Did you notice the rectangles when you visited the workplace for the first time? (at the job interview… I know you have been there for a long time, so maybe the question isn’t relevant)

Comment by Mados

We were in another building before this. I was just sitting at work relaxing, allowing my eyes to follow the lines of the furniture, partitions, walls, windows, and it just clicked that I was surrounded by rectangles, it explained why I like the building.

Comment by springingtiger

He:-) It sounds very nice. Actually, architecture/interior design match means a lot for workplace satisfaction and well being in general, I think. Much more than people think (employers rarely describe the building and its interior in their job ads).

I asked to see if the rectangles influenced your decision about taking the job:-) (if you had a choice).

Comment by Mados

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