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Bouncing Off The Ceiling

This is the time of year when, on past experience, I might find myself spiralling downwards, and the circumstances are such that a decline in spirits might be expected, but not this year. Despite the unremitting rainfall I feel quite fabulous at the moment, indeed this morning I was out in the rain in my pyjamas potting up plants in the back garden. It is true that my nerves are on edge and I am unusually quick to temper, but I am positively ebullient.

One might have thought that my unseemly explosion of last week might have deflated me a little, but no, it has rather left me energised and enthusiastic. I am, of course horrified, at my losing control, but by no means upset. Where I might expect to feel saddened by my loss of control, I am instead feeling quite exuberant ,and far from being demoralised am more active, though not always usefully, than ever. I am sleeping less, and doing more. I am sleeping less, and when I am in bed much of the time my mind is racing, planning, I may not be able to walk on my garden, but I can vividly see how I intend it to be.

I have so many projects in hand, so many ideas, so much to do, I am excited and alive. I am in a thoroughly good mood undampened by the prospect of a disciplinary hearing, far from being a washout this is shaping up to be a great summer!


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