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No Diagnosis, No Aspergers

Ooh, controversial title! True, but if I’m going to upset people I might as well get it over and done with quickly at the start of my blog. The other day I watched Dr Frank Gaskill’s You Tube video, The Aspie Show – The World of Asperger’s, which I enjoyed, some of the comments were less enjoyable. However one of the trolls made a point which provoked some thought on my part because it was not entirely unfounded. Having made the fatuous remark that there are no successful aspies in History, they went on to say that “the common aspie is a self diagnosed teenager looking for attention and a way of excusing his lazy ass life and failure to live any sort of life” . While I am sure he was just trying to cause offense, the fact is that this remark is not entirely unjustified, it is true of some people.

I belong to possibly the last generation that had manners beaten into them, I don’t believe there is any excuse for bad manners. I am, on occasion, deliberately rude, but I do not accept that my Asperger’s excuses that; however sometimes my conversation, lacking the filters of neuro-typicals, can cause unintentional offense. The point here is that the offense is unintentional; If I deliberately cause offense that is not Asperger’s, it is just bad manners.

Because I was diagnosed so late in life I just had to get on and adapt as best I could to society. Using Asperger’s as an excuse not to make adaptations to get along with humans is ultimately counterproductive, the more we make an effort to adapt the more humans are prepared to make adaptations for us. Those Aspies who are a living “fuck-off” to humanity not only turn people against them, but by blaming Asperger’s for their behaviour they turn society against the rest of us. It is hard enough for people on the Spectrum to make it in this world without having a bunch of sociopaths making it harder.

It can be difficult to get a diagnosis of Asperger’s and resources are limited so there are probably many people waiting for a diagnosis. There are also a large group of self diagnosed Aspies who have decided for themselves that they have Asperger’s and that it justifies anti-social behaviour, some of them are Aspies, some are waiting for diagnosis, but there are far too many of them who appear to have no intention of seeking a diagnosis. I suspect there are many self diagnosed Aspies out there who are scared that, should they submit to assessment, the diagnosis will not be that they have Asperger’s, but rather, that they are ill mannered and self indulgent. I know that many people with Asperger’s have a justifiable “chip on their shoulder” given the way the world has treated some of them, but allowing the hurt to determine one’s behaviour only really damages one’s self. If you think you have Asperger’s seek a diagnosis and use the knowledge to empower yourself to relate to the world positively and productively. That does not mean to deny who you are, but to use it as a foundation on which to build. We can find a middle ground upon which we relate to ordinary humans, but if so called Aspies insist on alienating them they will not meet us there.


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