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Autism Alert Card

Of some things I write, but rarely speak. Sometimes my deficient episodic memory prevents me from accurately answering questions. Sometimes I need a little support and encouragement; so yesterday when I went to Gartnavel Hospital to have a lump the size of a ping pong ball excised, my wife accompanied me.

In reception a sign said that patients could only be accompanied by carers when necessary. When my wife wanted to come into the pre-op consultation the nurse was about to turn her away; however the moment I showed her my autism alert card, she became very accommodating. Not only was Neelam allowed to be with me everywhere including the theatre, but the staff were very supportive and encouraging. I suspect, from certain remarks about the noise that they might have had autism awareness training, perhaps they were just very kind and sensitive people or perhaps both. They talked me through every step of the procedure and were, as I have said, very supportive. I really don’t like hospitals much, but the staff in the Day Surgery unit made, what could have been an upsetting experience quite positive. I am very grateful I had my Autism Alert Card so that I did not have to try and explain my situation when already under stress, and thank you to all the nurses who responded so sensitively.


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What a blessing that your alert card allowed Neelam to be with you, and the staff were so thoughtful and supportive. I will have to look into one of those for my boy. Also, my best thoughts to you regarding a positive outcome for your procedure.

Comment by Annette Heidmann

Thanks Nettie, I was given my card when I joined the NAS after my diagnosis; I don’t know from whence you would get one in the USA. It is useful, especially when the brain and the mouth won’t connect.

Comment by springingtiger

Good to hear. Hope you’re progressing well. I have found the card VERY useful when I’m out and about with my daughter. She now has her own one that she will produce when not with me and it really helps to smooth the path.

Comment by Judith Vaughan

Thank you, it’s really nice to hear from you.

Comment by springingtiger

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