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Happy New Year

Welcome to the first post of 2013!
I have to say I start this year full of optimism, excitement even which, given the state of the world, may seem inappropriate. However there is no rule that says we have to continue indulging in the stupidity of the past, we have the freedom and power to start afresh whenever we choose. Conservatives may insist on trying to cling to the procedures of the past, however futile they may have proven, I too am happier with the familiar. However I am realistic enough to accept that sometimes changes must be made to our strategies if we are to accomplish our intended goals, there is little point in repeating the failed strategies of our past. Fortunately my desire for the familiar is accompanied by a devotion to logic, and it is illogical to refuse to change that which needs to be changed. It may be an uncomfortable process, but strategies must be tried and tested and, when found wanting, either changed or abandoned. Some folk will recognise this as the TOTE (Test, Operate, Test, Exit) model, more often experienced as TOTOTOTOTOTOTE!

This year I am using the insights of NLP and the heritage of Werner Erhard to produce the outcomes I want. From Werner I am taking the realisation that this moment stands independent of any other and needs not be defined by the past and neither need it, define the future. I am sourcing this year from a place that is empty of everything except possibility, that is to say one wherein I may employ presuppositions, but am not bound by preconceptions. From NLP I am drawing on the technology of modelling and the understanding of strategies to design my activity for the year, this is the year of the Well Formed Outcome. Needless to say each well formed outcome will in true Landmark style be accompanied by a Structure for Fullfilment. Shall we talk about SMART goals or, better still SMARTIE goals? No, I don’t think we’ll bother just now!

Some of my goals and disciplines of this year include writing every day and introducing more detail into my schedule while, at the same time, making it more flexible. I am scheduling more study time and including thinking and planning into my schedule and strategy as well as review and amendment. More specific goals include completing my online course, attending some seminars, remodelling my garden and some remedial work on the garage, I am also going to have to seriously look at income generation; however some of these are, as yet, in the early planning stage and not yet fully formed, exciting times ahead.
I expect this to be a great year for me, I hope it will be good for you.


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