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TheYear Procedes, My Goals Also

The only good thing about insomnia is the time it gives one to think without interruption and so the early hours of the morning find me thinking a little more about my goals for the year. Sadly I realise that some of the things to which I should most earnestly turn my attention are also those which excite the least passion, which might explain why they are becoming urgent. If I continue to do what I’ve always done, that is to ignore them, I shall get what I have always gotten and in this New NewYear that is not tolerable. If this is going to be my year of change, it’s up to me to get changing and that means a new strategy to handle those things I’m inclined to avoid.

I must admit, if I am honest, that anticipation of a chore is frequently worse than its execution and there is usually considerable pleasure in its completion. What I need is what Richard Bandler would describe as a propulsion system, it is time I made the unattractive tasks so attractive that I would walk barefoot over burning coals to do them. The reference to walking barefoot over burning coals does not imply an urge to do an Anthony Robbins course, although I should not discount the possibility as that would be untrue to my commitment to be open to possibility, or in Landmark speak, “an opening for possibility”. If there is one thing I know from both my NLP and from Werner, it is that the language with which I describe something directly impacts on how I feel about it. I suspect the first step of my strategy may be to find a new way of describing what I must do, a reframe. I can drop that “must” for a start! I don’t have to do anything, of course there are consequences to inaction just as there are for action, but I am free to choose. Now that’s a good first step!

My next step here, I think, is going to be to locate all those aspects of the task that in other contexts I enjoy, such as collating information and designing processes…at this rate even filling in a tax return may become enjoyable (having an income worth taxing would really make it fun and that’s another thing to address). Already I only have to reframe parts of the task because there are parts of it I am going to enjoy, I know that because I enjoy them in other contexts.

It occurs to me that some aspects of the task are going to move me towards other goals. Finding paperwork, for example, is incidentally a part of the tidying and sorting goals, so I am working on some goals without working on them, they are moving by magic!

I am already feeling better about the goal, it is not the chore I once imagined, now I can actually start to put it into the specific and measurable terms of a SMART goal and if I can do that I can design a process by which to accomplish it or, if you would rather, “a structure for fulfillment”

Ok, I think I can now return to bed with a possibility of sleep.


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