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Time? What Time?!

I really do need to get to work on my schedule, there are so many things I want to do and too many ways to lose time. One of the advantages of my paid employment is that it does allow me quite a lot of reading time, this won’t help for my online course, but it may free up non-work time for activities other than reading. I once calculated that I have a thirty six hour day based on the activities that I can do simultaneously. I travel by public transport which means I can read or watch DVDs without the need to concentrate on the road. I can listen to mp3s and music while gardening.

Because of the way I process information there are many activities I cannot do in tandem with others, I cannot listen to factual radio programs while reading, I cannot do anything while watching television. This is the area upon which I shall focus as it is here that there is the greatest danger of losing time. I don’t intend to give up television, but I shall be somewhat more discriminating, it is too easy to lose an evening watching things that are not really important. The computer is another potential time waster, especially Facebook and Twitter. I find that having Yoono running at the side of my screen allows me the occasional catch up on my feeds,. The most useful thing I have done with my networks is to link them to my Google Mail so that at the start of a session I can quickly scan for notifications that demand a response.

Of course what I really do need to do is actually organise my schedule so that the activities that matter have sufficient time allocated to them and that requires a little more planning than hitherto. I don’t have to use the time rigidly as allocated, but it is important that there is sufficient and, to me, that I have an advance awareness of how my time will be spent.


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