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Some years ago I asked Michael Hall, one of my favourite writers and a teacher of mine, for advice. He is a prolific writer and what he told me was that every day he writes for a minimum of half an hour, usually he writes more, but even when he has a busy day ,for example while travelling, he will get at the least his half hour. I suppose, on reflection, the key is to build a habit of writing, to exercise the skill daily. As health experts tell us a little exercise every day is better than several hours in the gym once a week. This year I have determined that I will write my blog every day, although I am not sure I will publish daily, that is the intention. On the days when I work my long break is half an hour, which allows me to meet the half hour minimum target. Unfortunately if I am to publish daily I shall, almost certainly, have to sacrifice some editing and revision. Next year when the habit of writing is well installed I shall, perhaps, reduce publishing frequency and work on enhancing the quality.

Something I suppose I could look at is speech recognition software, but having limited time I tend to worry that it would require too much editing. Of course all this attention to scheduling, to building up productive habits like daily writing is to serve a greater purpose, to build a context for things to happen. The writing matters, as I have said before, it is only by reading what I have written that I know what I am thinking. My world exists, to a very great extent, on paper, in words, both mine and so often the words of others, novels, histories, scriptures,maps in an atlas, photographs of people and places and the past. My world is defined on paper, and where it is not written there is, so to speak, a blank page. My writing is the magic by which I create my world, some cultures sang their world into being, some dreamed it, I write mine, my arteries run with ink. And so I am writing 2013 into existence, writing it and drawing it; my vision for my garden will first appear on paper, amending earlier drawings, talking to me, telling me to, “Try this”. It will take more than half an hour a day to write my year into being, but this year shall be written.


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