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Reading Autism

I think that for many people being diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum comes as a bit of a shock and that goes as much for those diagnosed as those round about them. However, whoever you are, you are not the first to go through this. Whether you are the one diagnosed, or the parent or carer of someone others have been through this and many are willing to share their experiences and the lessons they have learned. The best advice I can give and remedy for the initial shock is read and learn. The resources available are so many I will list no more than a few to get you started.

There are many books about autism, my favourite which I and others describe as the book we wish we’d had when we were diagnosed is the Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism ISBN 978-0-692-01055-6 This book is a collection of essays covering most aspects of autism, practicalities, problems, experiences and resources, the best place to start,  they also have a useful website with blogs http://www.thinkingautismguide.com/p/mission-statement.html
Books by young people with Asperger Syndrome that are worth reading include: Freaks,Geeks  & Asperger Syndrome by Luke Jackson ISBN 978-1-84310-098-0
Asperger Syndrome, the Universe and Everything by Kenneth Hall ISBN 1-83502 – 930-0
A book I love is Isabel’s World by Roy Richard Grinker ISBN 978-184831-48-3 which puts autism into a wider context, but it’s probably not for beginners on the path.

There are numerous autism related blogs on the internet, many gathered at Autisable but there are too many to mention. A few I like, but which are not always easy to read are: www.squidalicious.com,

A search on YouTube provides a lot of short films about autism. If you prefer to listen try The Coffee Klatch http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thecoffeeklatch

My final piece of advice is Google autism organisations like the National Autistic Society http://www.autism.org.uk/ to see what advice, help and support is available for you. However the place to start is the Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism


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