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Sleep, Scheduling and Access Bars

Oh dear my goal of a daily blog has almost run aground, betrayed by my own body and the internet. Today was spent at an Access Consciousness Bars course, but I should have had plenty of time, afterwards, to write my blog. However I had reckoned without the terrible tiredness that would hit me at the end of the course. I am recovering from a cold, which I suppose makes me more prone to exhaustion and so a short nap became a sleep of some hours. It has been a good and enjoyable day, I suspect that the working of the Bars is related to meridian work. I found, like any form of energy therapy, having my Bars done sent me quickly to sleep. Whether my sleep owed more to my cold than the Bars, I cannot say, but the sleep did not prevent my later tiredness. Do the Bars work? I am not yet in a position to say, I need to work with then for longer. Can I explain them? No, but that means nothing, homeopathy offends my reason yet I use several homeopathic remedies just because they work for me. As Arthur C Clark says, any technology insufficiently understood appears as magic; should the Bars prove to work for me, they will occur, for a while, as magic. What I have learned for today is that my health is yet another factor to be taken into account when designing my schedule and thus, in turn, a factor which impacts on the execution of my goals. The T of SMARTIE must take one’s health into account


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