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Why WordPress, Why?

There was a time in the recent past when if I wanted to write a blog, I clicked on “New Post” and the page which came up allowed me not only to write my blog, but also to select from my most often used tags (very useful when one blogs repeatedly on a subject) and to click on my categories. Now when I click on “New Post” I get a, far from fully functional, truncated page. I have found that the only way to blog on WordPress the way I like is to post from the “New Post” page then immediately go to my new post, click on “Edit This” which returns me to a fully functional page where I can complete my post using the functions I have come to enjoy.


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I don’t have that problem, and I use WordPress too. I start via Dashboard – Posts – Add new, and I have all the options straight away, like ‘Choose from most used tags’. The truncated format comes only when starting from the shortcut in the top bar (hasn’t it been like that from the start?)

Comment by Mados

I start from the Dashboard, but when I click on new post I go onto a page with no more functionality than “Quick Post”.

Comment by springingtiger

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