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The World Was Crowding In On Me

Today I woke up tired, never a good start to a day. It’s one of those days, I think I’ve mentioned them before, when everything is just too much.
There was just too much discomfort in my muscles, too much for comfort, not enough to be an excuse to go home.

There was just too much noise around me, particularly one wretch who persistently screeches at his customers. Behind me the inane chatter of women continued intermittently. There are still too many here who feel excessive volume will somehow remedy their callers’ lack of comprehension, and so they bellow and bark down the phone. I can scarcely hear myself think.
I wished I were alone, but that could not be and so the best I could do was dose myself with copious accounts of codeine to fight the onrushing headache. The painkillers did their job and made life tolerable again, and the Daylight lamp I had had the foresight to bring, staved off sleep.

It never ceases to amaze me how badly designed workplaces are as places in which to work. In a call centre where telephonists have to speak to customers, is it really sensible to pack them in so tightly that while trying to conduct business they are also compelled to listen to conversations around them? The working environment is frequently badly ventilated. It is often inadequately lit and then by headache inducing, flickering fluorescent lights. Too often the temperature control makes a workplace uncomfortably hot or cold. Equipment is frequently poorly maintained and the workplace is too often badly served by public transport. Rest rooms and messing areas are frequently dirty and unhygienic. These problems adversely impact ordinary workers and their efficiency, but they are a positive health hazard for those with sensory processing difficulties. Surely it should not be too difficult to design comfortable, well appointed workspaces that contribute to productivity rather than hinder it, an employer has no right to blame workers for low productivity when the employer is actively preventing them from doing their job.


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