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Reasons To Be Cheerful – Counting My Blessings

Today I am, as they say, counting my blessings, and I have much for which to be grateful.
I suppose my first thanks should, at least chronologically go to my parents, who not only brought me into this world but also paid for my education. Looked back on from here my childhood appears, perhaps, more idyllic than it felt at the time, but I did have the inestimable benefit of being brought up in the country able to spend whole days on the Hitchens’ farm when in Hawkswick or later on the fells or the riverbank. Of all the places one might spend one’s childhood, few are as good as the Yorkshire Dales. My schooling also took place in Yorkshire, at Giggleswick School near Settle, where the Pennines became my playground. I have remarked before on how appropriate Giggleswick was for someone with Aspergers, providing the discipline, routine and oversight I needed.
In order of importance, my wife Neelam should take first place in my gratitude list. She has stuck with me through good times and hard times, I cannot say, “without complaint”, but she has always been there, and it has made life rather fun, for me at least, perhaps less so for her! I must also be grateful for my family in which I include both Neelam’s family and mine. Our family has had, and still has some wonderful people in it amongst them my daughter and my granddaughters whom I find rather amusing. I am lucky in that our family has always been very supportive.
Another reason for gratitude is that I am in employment. I may not have the best job in the world, but it is by no means the worst. I am fortunate in having a manager who is very supportive, and helpful.
I have been fortune enough to travel, not as much as some people, but I have visited several European countries as well as India and Morocco.
I have a roof over my head, and when we’ve finished to house will be nice. The same is true of the garden which not only provides a pleasant environment to live in, but also gives me a hobby.

As long as I live I shall be grateful to Werner Erhard. I did the est training nearly thirty years ago and I still use it to navigate through life. I should also at this point express my gratitude to Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Robert Dilts, Michael Hall and all the developers of NLP. I am particularly grateful to my teachers Terry Elston, Richard Flook and Jeremy Lazarus. NLP has provided me with both an interest and interesting friends.
I am grateful for my friends and teachers from many fields, among them Chris James who taught me to sing and more. From Reiki ,Joseph Running Wolf Sparti (sadly missed) but others from the AHR newsgroup days like Judy Rigby and Gabriel Shivers who have provided me with much entertainment, Gabriel can be relied upon to bring a blush to my cheek. Writing this has brought home to me how many friends I do have, some very dear like my Best Man Stephen Smyth and Robert Frost. I have some friends I have not yet meet face to face like Mark Aldis, Nettie Heidmann, Liz Ditz, Kim Wombles and Amalia Starr, but with whom I have very enjoyable interactions and they are there for me in the dark times.
I am grateful that I live in Glasgow, the best city in the best country, Scotland. Of course the people here are all crazy, but it makes them interesting. I am glad Glasgow has an Autism Resource Centre so that I could get my Asperger diagnosis and the insights it brought. Glasgow has so many things to do and is so well placed for exploring Scotland, I am living in a centre for tourism, how cool is that!
I am grateful for so many things, many more than I can list here. I am very grateful I started this exercise as it had reminded me of how extremely lucky I am. Why not write your own gratitude list, it’s a great way to lift the spirits and put the world in perspective.


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Just reading your post has put a smile on my face this morning! It is indeed a most excellent and worthy exercise to ponder one’s blessings – thank you for the inspiration. I believe I’ll be posting on this soon as well! 🙂

Comment by Annette Heidmann

Thank you for being a Reason To Be Cheerful. This is, for me, the year of Gratitude, it’s an exercise I intend to run regularly, particularly if I find myself slipping towards the abyss, but I must express my gratitude to the Abuss, it has taught me a lot!

Comment by springingtiger

Hi, my name is Alicia. Joseph Sparti was my father. I miss him terribly. I was thinking about him today and how sad I was I couldn’t find stuff about him online anymore. After he died, I used to surf the internet for pictures and stores. I found this post and it made me smile just to see his name. I’m glad he touched your life in a positive way. Blessed be:) Alicia

Comment by Alicia

Alicia, thank you for your comment. I had a lot of affection for your father we frequently were on the same side in some very heated debates. I loved that while he was very serious about Reiki he didn’t take all the stuff around it seriously and loved to puncture pomposity.

When he came to Rokpa in Dundee as my wife and I walked in he came up to me and demanded to know my name on AHR, when I told him “Camundi” he triumphantly shouted, “I knew it!”. It felt more like a reunion than a first meeting and it was a great weekend. I often think about Joseph and feel blessed to have known him.

Comment by springingtiger

Chamudi….. it’s been a long time on the calendar, but seconds to the heart.
It was 1998, i think, when I came to AHR, A very turbulant time. And now we meet again over the internet. I was googling to “running wolf”, and i’m sad that he is not longer among us, no longer in this world.
When Google give me the results of the search one of the first words that i saw was ‘asperger’.
Eight or ten years ago I was diagnosed with Autisme, Asperger’ wich give a explanation to all the years before, and all the things in the past years that went wrong or difficult.
And to Alicia:
Your Fahter was a great teacher to me and it was a honor to know him, even only on the internet.
As always,
With love and Harmony,
Hans Versteegt

Comment by Hans Versteegt

Hi Hans, so much water under the bridge, but it has been an interesting journey. It’s good know, one way or another, we’re still on the same journey.

Comment by springingtiger

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