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Bedtime (for My Granddaughters)

When I was at primary school there was just one hour of children’s television at night, between five and six o’clock and when the news came on it was bedtime; no ifs, no buts, bedtime. Back then there were no video recorders or DVD players, so there was no watching films in bed. However I was allowed to read until seven, but at seven my lights went out and were expected to remain out until seven o’clock in the morning when I had to get up. I was sometimes naughty and read under my covers with a torch, but if I got caught both my torch and book were taken away. Like you if I didn’t get enough sleep I was tired and grumpy in the morning (I don’t think your Mummy gets enough sleep either!)

When you are little it is important to get a lot of sleep because children use a lot of energy. They are growing and learning. Sleep helps you learn because while you sleep, your brain is making sense of everything you learned during the day, so sleep actually makes you cleverer! Old people can manage on less sleep because our job is not so much learning, as forgetting and that’s a lot easier; even then the experts say we should try and get eight hours sleep each night, children need more, much more.

Like everyone children need a little time to calm down before they go to sleep, I like to read for a while, some people may watch a film, but whether you read or watch it is best to avoid excitement or anything that makes you think too much. You really should not be playing after bedtime, that time between going to bed and putting your lights out, is time for calming down and relaxing. You need to get used to the idea that when Mummy says it’s bedtime then you put your toys away and start settling down for a good sleep, you can play again tomorrow. Remember, if you take toys to bed when you’ve been told not to, it’s your own fault if you get into trouble and there’s no point crying about it.

One final thing. If you are watching Monster High or Barbie on my computer, please turn it off before the computer locks you out, because although you can’t see it, the sound goes on, and on, and on, it’s very annoying and I have to reboot the PC.

When you get a good night’s sleep you are brighter and happier in the morning and that makes us all happier. Sleep well!


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