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Blogging From My Phone
January 27, 2013, 04:34
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As you may be aware I have set out to blog every day of this year, and so far things are going well. Personally I prefer to write my blogs on my laptop or on a PC. Sometimes my work schedule interferes with my plans, for example one of our managers tonight has happily logged himself into all the available PCs, so no one else can use them. On occasion, at home my internet drops out and so I cannot post from my PC. It is at times like this I turn to my phone.

In essence my procedure for blogging from my phone is the same as from my PC; I first draft the blog on Google Drive and then copy and paste it to WordPress. The WordPress app on Android lacks some of the functionality of the full program, but it is very easy to use.

Typing on my Android phone is very quick and easy because I use Swype; it is too quick and easy because Swype sometimes decides to substitute its own choice of word for the one I typed. This is not a problem as long as I notice it, but when typing quickly mistakes are easily overlooked. Before I copy my text to WordPress I read it over and correct it.

When I have my text pasted into WordPress I then put in any links I want, this in much easier on a PC than on my phone, but out can be done. On the PC it is also easier to add tags, on the phone I have to you’re each one, even the ones I use often. Finally  before posting my blog, I read it over again and make my last tweaks and corrections.

Once my blog is published I read it over again and usually discover some of my corrections haven’t happened. Fortunately it is easy to edit a post on WordPress. Finally I can sit back and relax until my friends start pointing out my spelling mistakes on Facebook. A last edit and then finally, I can sit back and relax until my friends start pointing out my spelling mistakes on Facebook (this last step may be repeated several times!)


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