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My Head Hurts!

Actually today I realise, my head does not hurt which is nice, as in the last couple of months I’ve had more headaches than in several years previously. I think the reason my head doesn’t hurt today is that today I am free of stress because I’m not faced with having to handle emergency calls.

I had wondered whether my headaches were being caused by using a headset with only one ear piece. I am reasonably sure that the struggle to hear callers over the competing cacophony of the switchroom is a contributory factor. However given that today I have no headache despite this appalling headset indicates that it is not the main cause.

Several years ago I was diagnosed as having optical migraines. It was high summer and no one thought to warn me that I would be given drops to dilate my pupils; after I walked out of the hospital into the sunshine I had to feel my way to the bus stop as I could not see. The optical migraines are not sore in themselves, but they do cause a part of my vision to become obscured. The optical migraines tend be a precursor to a tension headache to follow, at least when faced with the possibility of having to deal with emergency calls.

I’m not sure why I should be adversely affected by one sort of call, perhaps it is an indication of how seriously I take the responsibility, perhaps it is the effect of an additional stressor. I find that I do not respond well to other people’s emotion and their shouting closes down my thought processes, loud alarms do the same. I assume some sort of automatic pilot cuts in as I seem to be managing ok, albeit with big gaps in my awareness of what I have been doing, I am unable to recall any of the emergency calls I have answered, but I know I took them. At the end of the day (idiomatically and, I suppose, literally being a night worker) there’s a job to do so I just have to get on with it. Some days my head hurts!


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