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When Goals Collide.
January 30, 2013, 05:32
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I have, as you may be aware, set myself the goal of posting to my blog every day. So far things have gone very well, but now I have hit a problem. I am embarking on a piece that requires a certain amount of research and thus cannot be put out in a day. I suppose the only thing I can do, if I am to post every day, is to divide my output into two. A stream of blogs that can produced to meet a daily schedule and, in parallel with them, more complex pieces that take longer to produce. The complex pieces may take longer this way, but it will keep me on my daily target.

It was not until I started blogging every day that I realised just how many demands I have on my time, particularly on a work day. What I have learned is that it is possible to find time to write every day when one closes off the alternatives. The writing is not, of course, the main problem, for that I could carry a notebook; publishing every day is the challenge. Having access to mobile devices helps greatly as, on work days, my PC access is drastically curtailed. Another problem is quality, when there is little time sometimes I have to post pieces in a less than optimal state: worse still, time constraints sometimes force me to publish pieces with which I am less than satisfied, still it stops me getting cocky. What I am developing is a discipline, a habit which, by the end of the year should be “hardwired into my neurology”, as we say in NLP.

One thing I have learned so far this year is, that it is worth opening a Google Doc whenever I get an idea I think I can develop. This means that even if I do not have an idea in my head when I get the chance to write for a period, there are ideas on my Google Drive on which I can start. Often seeing a document’s title is enough to start some kind of flow. Another lesson from this year, so far, is that ,although I may not be pleased with a piece, others may see it differently. Feedback from others often does not match my dissatisfaction. I think that may be because, with less time to refine what I write, it is rawer and more honest, although this may not always be a good thing. The question may be asked, who am I to judge whether a piece is good enough? Surely exercising that judgement is the prerogative of the reader; it is, perhaps, enough for me to just show respect for their judgement.


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I sometimes get surprised which ones of my posts get the most views, likes and comments… It is generally not the ones I spend most time on. Maybe because those tend to become too long and complex;-)

I have a million* drafts sitting in my WordPress dashboard, plus hand written drafts and ideas in my notebook. It is finishing the damn things that takes so long that I often give up, or the topic becomes irrelevant over time… long before it ever gets published.

On one hand I wish I could get into the habit of just posting and see what happens, but then I find I also need a bit of think-twice time because I sometimes regret what I post (over sharing, or just things that could have been better with one more rewrite).

Ps. I’ve got a table now – a Nexus that sits inside a little rubber keyboard. That is excellent to write raw drafts on the go…

(just kidding)

Comment by Mados

I quite fancy the Nexus 7, but for now I am using my phone, I can carry it in my pocket! Not having the “think twice time” is doing me good, I can be an obsessive editor!

Comment by springingtiger

I can imagine that! I’m an obsessive editor too…

I love my Nexus but you have a point with the size. I don’t always have it with me because it can’t be in my pocket (it fits fine in a hand bag though, but men don’t usually wear hand bags, so… might be no good in your case). But I don’t write on my iPhone apart from SMS, because I don’t like writing on the touch screen, the keys are so small and I make a million mistakes.

Comment by Mados

I don’t need to make mistakes, my phone’s predictive text can make them for me! 🙂

Comment by springingtiger

That is precisely another reason why I don’t like to write longer texts on my iPhone!

Anyway, I have predictive dictionary on the Nexus too… Mostly useful, sometimes semi-disastrous;-)

Comment by Mados

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