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Adventures into Access Consciousness

Some time ago, my wife Neelam, started talking about something called Access Consciousness. I was sceptical and of the things she did was to read me the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement, which appeared to be totally crazy. However, stupid as it seemed, I took a pain I was suffering and followed the instructions, annoyingly something seemed to shift, something seemed to shift so much, my interest was piqued.

A little while later Neelam told me about an Access Bars course that was being run in Glasgow. Purely on the strength of my experience of the Clearing Statement, I jumped at the chance. I shall definitely attend more Bars classes because the one I attended made me feel so good. However for me the Clearing Statement is what drives me to Access Consciousness and so when Neelam asked if I wanted to do the ten day Access Consciousness Intensive that Dain Heer was offering listeners to the Aware Show, I said yes. Wow, what a good decision that was! Unfortunately it is rare that I can listen live, but even the recordings are powerful. Very generously, unlike some courses each call is available for download, and that’s a good thing because there is so much in each one, they require several listenings. I was amused on one call when Dain apologised because he was going to overrun by fifteen minutes; he was apologising for giving people more than they paid for, how normal is that?

On my last shift of the week, I found myself with a cold and very tired. I couldn’t remember all the processes we had learnt, so when the question, “Who does this belong to?” did not lighten me up, I simply said, “All the stuff doctors know about colds that I’ve accepted as true” and ran the Clearing Statement on it. I was surprised when all the symptoms apart from one runny nostril vanished, and the runny nostril cleared up a few hours later. Inspired by that success I said, “Everything everyone knows about tiredness and how many hours sleep I need, that I have taken as mine” and ran the Clearing Statement, the sleepiness went, and I got through the shift. If I could get results like that on an ad hoc, cobbled together process, imagine the power when it’s done right!

I think it’s fair to say that I’m getting my money’s worth from these calls. What I love is the way they are addressing things about which I’m thinking. I wrote a blog about migraines a couple of days ago, today in one recording Dain mentioned a process for migraines. Recently I was looking at the power of questions and today the call I’m listening to, the next in chronological sequence, is Living As The Question. Definitely the right course at the right time.
Ok spooky, right at the end of the call I was just listening to Dain talked about tiredness!


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