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February 4, 2013, 05:27
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As some of you are aware I am writing every day and have committed to posting to my blog everyday, and I have already commented on some of the challenges with which I have been presented. I have discovered a new challenge, the disappearing blog.

Last night I finished my blog for posting this morning – this post I am currently writing will actually be published the day after tomorrow, that’s how my schedule works – and used WordPress’ scheduling tools to publish it this morning. I went to bed happy to be on schedule. This afternoon I thought to check my blog only to discover my post missing. Now I know not whether the scheduling tools had failed, or, more probably, I had made a mistake, but the post was not there and time was moving on. Fortunately my post and my links were on Google Docs so I was delayed, not defeated.

Scheduling tools are useful, I have used the WordPress tool before, successfully, and it is useful. Of course there are other blog scheduling tools; were it not for the free tool I have on WordPress, I would by now be using SocialOomph Professional https://www.socialoomph.com/ . If I was blogging for business reasons, I would not hesitate to use SocialOomph Professional, for less than six pounds a week as well as the Twitter scheduling it allows one to operate several accounts, schedule blogs, schedule shares on several social networks. However I am not blogging for business purposes and so WordPress is enough for me. Blogger also has a facility for scheduling posts, so check to see what facilities are available to you on your service.

What this incident has taught me is that it is essential to know and understand the tools one is using. Use them before you need to, so that when you do need them, you’ll know what you are doing. If you can, check as soon as you can after the scheduled time to make sure the post has been published. Keep a copy of your post so that if it isn’t published on schedule you can publish it manually; even if you missed the scheduled time, in most cases the blog will still be usable. Oh, and make sure when you set up the schedule, you have correctly set up your time zone, it does make a difference!


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It seems u know quite a bit regarding this subject matter and that shows thru this
article, called “The Disappearing Blog Springingtiger’s Blog”. Many thanks ,Ina

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