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Me and Mrs Addams

I have bought the boxed set of the Addams Family, which I am thoroughly enjoying. I must have been about twelve or thirteen when the shows were first shown on British TV and I loved them, I still love them. Back then the concept of sex appeal had not yet registered for me, but I knew I liked Morticia, played by Carolyn Jones; I look at her today with a very different appreciation.

I was totally absorbed by the Addams at the time. I knew someone with several Charles Addams books and I bought a few myself – I started with The Penguin Charles Addams – I even had the Aurora model of the Addams Family house complete with ghosts.

I was also an avid reader of the magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland and was extremely envious of the things available to buy in America for lovers of macabre entertainment. I very much enjoyed the Addams Family films with Raoul Julia as Gomez and Angelica Huston as Mortician, but my first love remains the television series.

I think it was the sense of being like normal humans but not quite that drew me to the Addams. They were a bit off, like myself and like me had no ability to understand how normal people thought and felt. I felt they were my kind of people, weird. I expect that had The Addams Family and I both been born twenty years later than we were I might have been of the Goth persuasion, fortunately I escaped that, however I still dress mostly in black. I think I wanted to grow up to be Morticia Addams, unfortunately I grew into a hirsute version of Uncle Fester instead, thus are our youthful dreams dashed. Still now I am reminded of those happy days, I think I may start buying the books again.


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