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The Happy Inevitability of Death
February 10, 2013, 00:53
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A young friend of mine is feeling the pain of successive bereavements. I told her that at nearly sixty, I probably know more people who are dead than alive. What I have learned over the years, and find comforting, is that death comes to us all. There is a story that a woman once asked the Buddha to save her dying son. The Buddha gave her a cup and told her to bring some rice from a house where no one had died. She returned with an empty cup because there is no family untouched by death. In Terry Pratchett’s Discworld book Mort, Mort complains that a death is unfair to which Death responds, There is no justice, only me”. That is the wonderful thing about death he, or rather it, is impartial taking good and bad rich and poor alike without favour, implacable and inevitable. It is this inevitability that makes death not something to be feared but just a part of life. I have seen many deaths, yet  never have I seen cause either to fear or regret it.
I often say, “After the first few times you get used to death.” This tends to provoke comments like, “You mean seeing people die?” to which I respond, “No, dying”. The joy of reincarnation is it’s power to banish the fear of death. What it doesn’t do is take away the pain of separation when our loved ones die. However by way of comfort i can offer this thought. This is nothing but a natural process and everything is as it should be. It is a natural process and it will never end.


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