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The Power Of Stupidity.

As some of you will be aware I have developed an interest in Access Consciousness. I am particularly struck by the use of “stupidity” in many of the set up questions used before the “clearing statement”.

Of course, Access Consciousness tends to bypass our conscious mind to deliver quick results, but I wonder how different our lives might be if we consciously, and consistently, applied the question, “What stupidity am I using…?” to our everyday actions and decisions. The fact is that very few of our decisions are based on a logical assessment of the facts available, still less on the possibility we may not be in possession of all the facts. Our primary instrument of decision making is our emotions.

Access Consciousness encourages us to be aware of our feelings when making decisions, but it is a sensitivity to what in NLP we would call a kinaesthetic, a sense of body knowing whether something is right. Indeed in NLP the kinaesthetic is given the same validity as the other ways we confirm a decision.

Emotions, however, do not have the same validity. They are frequently based on beliefs with which we have been programmed or implanted, by others. That is not to say the beliefs are necessarily wrong but it does mean it does mean our decisions are not wholly ours. I am currently doing the Landmark Education Money Seminar and it is quite horrifying just how many of my attitudes to, and beliefs about money have been inherited or learned from others without any critical filters. Access Consciousness gives us the tools for clearing up the damage we have done to ourselves, but what if we could avoid the damage at the point of decision making.

So we come back to the wonderful question, “What stupidity am I using…?” There is great power in the word stupidity, when our conscious or unconscious identifies our decision as stupid it immediately frees us from it. Too often we remain implacably attached to a stupid decision because we have not sufficiently distinguished it as such. We need a critical awareness of stupidity and that means not only a logical analysis of the facts, but an awareness of the origins of the beliefs and emotions driving our decision. If we reflect on our decisions I think we will see some of them are very stupid, many are based on what in NLP we would call a “mind read” when we make someone’s words or behaviour mean something despite having no empirical evidence. Indeed we may make up whole beliefs about a person based on nothing more than that they remind us of someone we once knew. In NLP we identify people as those who sort for difference and those sort for similarity; for myself I am learning to sort for stupidity.


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