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Why Access Consciousness Works, an NLP Perspective.

Why does Access Consciousness work? Looking at it from an NLP practitioner’s point of view and not necessarily in any order of priority, the first thing that springs to mind is the speed at which it works. All change is instant, but Access, like NLP frequently requires some setting up or preframing. This should not be confused with the myth of gradual change, the process may take a little time but the change is instantaneous. What is remarkable in NLP and in Access Consciousness is how little time the whole process takes. When I learned Thought Pattern Management with Robert Fletcher at one point I was struggling with changing my hierarchy of values and so was instructed to snap the values into place using an imaginary rubber band. NLP has many quick techniques for change like the Swish Pattern and the Fast Phobia Cure; when I learned Time Line Therapy for removing unwanted emotions, after a couple of runs I fund it impossible to read the script as quickly as the subject’s mind ran the process. The Access Consciousness clearing  statement produces rapid change, running the Access Consciousness Bars is of a slightly different nature and takes about an hour, which is fairly quick for the clearing it does.

The second thing that occurs for me is that like NLP Access Consciousness can be done virtually content free. The setups for the clearing statement require only as much information as the client is content to give because the setup assumes the unconscious mind knows what needs to be done and speaks directly to it. This is, of course the big advantage of NLP and Access Consciousness over traditional talking therapies and over the courses that Landmark Education and similar organisations run that require one to drag oneself through all the pain, trauma and bad memories again again. The problem with making people go through their shit over and over again, is that it fixes it in their matrix to continue to colour their lives. This year I returned to Landmark for the first time in over a decade to find people continuing to rehearse their issues of twenty years ago. Now don’t get me wrong, I think the Forum probably remains a good place to start freeing oneself from one’s mind traps, it is a long time since I did it, but I am far from convinced of the value of the rest of Landmark’s courses. I really don’t see the point in going through stuff over and over that NLP or Access Consciousness can clear with little pain in hours, if not minutes.

What has NLP and Access Consciousness be so successful, is that rather than go through the turgid process of convincing the conscious mind, they bypass it and deal directly with the unconscious; usually, unlike hypnotism, with the awareness of of the conscious mind.

The conscious mind is not readily malleable and resists change. Any change made tends to be at a shallower level and less complete than change in the unconscious. Conscious change can easily be reversed simply by triggering the anchors the original events have set in the unconscious. This is why therapies and courses that have one return to traumatic events cannot clear them because they actually reinforce the anchors, the best they can do is give one strategies with which to cope with the memories.

Finally both NLP and Access Consciousness are foreward looking and dynamic, they constantly seek new challenges and develop new responses to them. They don’t assume they know all the answers and so are adaptable unlike others who constantly try to answer new questions by trying to fit them into a model that is no longer relevant. The questions Access Consciousness asks when faced with any thing open up responses specific to the situation rather than the one answer to every question approach of some organisations. It is this questioning, and flexibility that has Access Consciousness work so well.


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