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Desperate Measures

On Saturday night my hopes of publishing to my my blog every day were almost dashed. Neelam had organised an Access Consciousness Bars class with May Johnstone of Delicious Healing in Bridge of Allan after which we were to go and join her family in Cumbernauld for dinner.

We had an early start to the day and a drive to Bridge of Allan under a dull grey sky. May’s house was, like her, warm and welcoming and we had a good day. She is a very well informed andsensitive trainer and we learned a lot, despite having already done one Bars class. However, I had had to make use of my phone’s satnav and I was aware it had eaten into my battery’s reserves.

I used my satnav again in the evening as we left Bridge of Allan for Cumbernauld. Two of Neelam’s sisters had come up from England so, unusually, all the sisters were together with their Mum. It was a pleasant evening except that I was not feeling good and fell asleep, sitting on a hard wooden bench, in the middle of dinner.
We left two hours later than I expected and so I lost most of the time I had allocated for writing. My only option was to write my blog on my phone, as I wrote I was very aware that I was rapidly approaching both my deadline and the demise of my battery. I wrote quickly with little editing and then all hope of getting home in time to post from my PC was lost as we hit a closed motorway and confusing diversions. In the end it mattered little as the internet was down at home. However with minutes to spare I posted what I had written under the title “Incomplete Draft”. In the morning once my phone was recharged – we still had no internet – I expanded the piece,edited it and retitled it, “Thou Shalt Not eat Bull!” (I giggled, neigh laughed myself horse at that title!)

What I realise I am going to have to do is write two blogs one day so that in future I always have a blog in hand to cope with emergencies, just as the BBC trots out saved programs to fill the gaps left by the National Union of Journalist’s industrial action. The question is whether I keep a blog saved that can be used any time or whether I keep a blog in hand on a rolling basis, if I can find the time, I suspect it will be a combination of both.

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Hello Rory. Just want to let you know that I have tagged your blog for the Liebster Award🙂


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