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In Dreams and Other Alternative Realities.
February 19, 2013, 21:32
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When my eyes close I enter a different world. it is like stepping into a Tibetan Thangka, a Chinese vase or a Japanese woodcut, my world is redolent of all of them. It is often a world of bright colours on a black background, a world of Hokusai waves and stylised curling clouds, a world very much dominated by Mahakala. On other occasions it is indistinguishable from waking reality except by anomalies of detail, usually an intrusion of things from another time or place.

One summer afternoon back in the 1970s, as I was walking home to Threshfield from Skipton , I looked up as I started down the hill down towards Threshfield. I looked up and saw, towering above the tree, above the hills, Shiva. He was looking down at me the crescent moon in his hair. Since then whenever I look into the sky and see the crescent moon I can see him standing looking over the the world.

One night as I lay, eyes closed, between sleeping and waking I saw a thangka of jesus and his apostles, but it was unlike any Christian iconography. In Tibetan style Jesus appeared in the centre coupled with Mary Magdalen and in a circle six on either side were his disciples, most of them with a wife. Above Jesus were Mary and Joseph, and bent low beneath his dancing feet was Satan, who did not appear at all unhappy with the situation. The only part of the painting that was recognisable from western art were the eyes, they could have come from a Byzantine icon, so deep and soulful were they. I would never think of trying to reproduce it as Christians would not be able to understand the symbolism because of their apprehension of blasphemy.

The world of eyes closed, is the world ruled by the unconscious mind, a world where the truths of reality are revealed in symbols. The dream world is what we really know about the real world and it’s a fascinating place to visit. I like it best when I am aware that I am dreaming then I first deliberately look at my hands, that accomplished I can travel about as I choose and rewrite bits of the stories. Sometimes when I am not in control of the dream, the appearance of an anomaly can throw me into wakefulness with a start, not always a good thing at 03.00am!


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