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30 questions for April

Some of you may have noticed that I have, of late, published fewer blog posts on Autism than hitherto. Some people thought, wrongly, that I was becoming obsessed, but the subject was crowding out other interests. I am interested in Autism, but I am interested in many other things too, and in this year of writing every day I am endeavouring to provide a little more variety. However Autism will remain a subject about which I write.

Another reason for temporarily reducing the Autism posts is that I am building up a head of steam for April. I intend to publish an Autism related blog post every day in April. So what is on the menu for April? Perhaps something on idiomatic language? I don’t know as yet, so if anyone out there has any questions they want to ask of a middle ages autistic, please ask, you’ll be doing me a favour. So what do you want to know that I might be able to tell you, I was asked earlier tonight about getting an Asperger’s diagnosis, so I expect that will be one post, but if there is anything you want to know or if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

I know Autism Awareness or Autism Affirmation is a year round need and the effort to make people aware should never cease, but the April push seems to be becoming a tradition and it’s a worthy tradition to foster, hence a month of autism blogs. I think it’s important that people who actually have the experience of being autistic, wherever on the spectrum they may be, should make their voices heard, their opinions known. It is easy for people who have the facility to imagine how others feel, to ascribe to Autistics feelings that are not actually there for the Autistic person, and I think the actual experiences of Autistics need to be heard to counter all the myths. Now it is true that our experiences do differ and there are a number of factors that can cause considerable pain and discomfort, but to assume that all our lives are miserable is untrue. For some Autistic people their condition may be one of suffering, but would it be if the humans around them did not keep telling them they were suffering? We have our own minds and our own thoughts and feelings, which we should be allowed to discover and express for ourselves. Roll on April


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