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A Question ofsmartphone OSs
February 24, 2013, 10:46
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Apparently the new Blackberry Z10 with the Blackberry 10 operating system is not selling as well as Blackberry would have us believe. Needless to say pundits are prophesying doom and blaming a market dominated by Android and Apple, but is the market impenetrable?

Pundits again are saying that Nokia needs to double it’s sales of Windows 8 phones. However it’s fourth quarter sales of 4.4 million are considerably better than the 2.9 million expected. I think it is demonstrated that there is room for alternatives to the big two; certainly both Canonical and Mozilla seem to think so.

Ubuntu phone looks promising, it certainly looks beautiful and appears intuitive. Canonical would not be putting so much effort into designing the OS if they didn’t believe there was a potential market for it. It will be some time before it’s ready for release, it will be interesting to see how it is received.

Mozilla are promising to open up the market with their Firefox OS and, again, it looks promising. However it would appear that Firefox isn’t aimed at challenging the top end smartphone market, but rather, at emerging markets, where it will be more of a problem for Nokia which still dominates in the third world.

I hope Blackberry grabs enough market share to remain viable, it is good to have choices. Personally I don’t think members of the public care about operating systems as long as we get a positive experience. The key to survival for OSs is to convince target markets that they will provide the experience. The really interesting development for me will be when people start to extend the life of aging smartphones with Linux based OSs designed for low powered systems. If that happens it may well have an impact on the market.


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